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  1. I read somewhere on this forum about the go-carts or laser tag activities for the kids at the kids club. That did not occur for our cruise (I asked the counselors and also double checked the activity sheets). In view of the number ratio of the kids and the go-carts, I doubt they would do that. I think there's an age limit for the kids club, which probably is 12. You might want to double check if that's important for you. Our kids are way below the age limit and that's why I am not 100% sure.
  2. Thank you for taking time to reply. No, I did not consider the fact that someone would take such an effort to write a long review on a dedicated cruise website if he/she did not have much to say. I did recognize and appreciate that people have different opinions about the same thing (in this case the same cruise, if that does happen).
  3. Sorry that I did not see your post until just now. Also sorry that I did not keep the activities sheets for this cruise as I was not sure how much exactly this ship followed the agenda. Let me also take this opportunity to provide some details for this specific kids club, for the record and for those parents who care. I spent about 30 minutes total during the middle five days out of the 7-day cruise to observe the kids club activities. By observing, I meant that I was standing about 20 feet from the group, PAST the transparent swing door at the check-in counter (got permission from
  4. We started cruising last December and only have two cruise experience so far: One RCL Vision of the Seas (last Christmas to Caribbean) and one NCL Joy (May to Alaska). For the recent one on Joy, the service and the dining experience at the main dining rooms were unexpectedly bad (described in another post). Just now I took a look at the cruiser reviews (I had been quite disappointed as that was a very precious family vacation), and noticed that the reviews for Joy have been diluted/manipulated. For example, the following one, the cruiser gave full score to every category but there are no concr
  5. Thank you for sharing your experience! We definitely will choose smaller ships in the future. (And yes, I saw Jewel at Icy Point and I told my wife that I almost booked that ship ... in an envious tone.)
  6. Ah, yes. When I was working on the ship at midnight, I came here to ask where I could find a quick bite. People suggested Local (perhaps it's you -- thank you for the information) and I did check out the place. Unfortunately, Local was not what I had in mind -- I went to the library to work after a shower and was in very casual clothes (not in PJ) so I only wished to find a place for a quick bite and then went back to work. VOS had a stand providing DIY burgers and slices of pizzas at midnight that suited my purpose well. Local was more like a bar place where you want to find a place to sit fo
  7. We had our second cruise on May 25 to Alaska on NCL Joy. Here are some random thoughts about this cruise. Our first cruise was last December to the Carribean on RCL Vision of the Seas (a small and outdated ship). I made no attempt to make it objective and all thoughts are very personal. 1. The Joy ship is huge. Due to the temperature (the weather was nice though), many facilities (kids water park and water slides) were not open to the passengers most of the time, which defeated my original goal of getting a fun ship for the family. 2. The kids club (Splash Academy) has no wi
  8. Forgot to mention, this is my first NCL cruise. Does it matter?
  9. Thanks for all of the replies. At this time (Day 4) I still have not received any flyer, and my housekeeper did not know about this promotion at all (that surprised me). Should I simply put my items in the bag and list all items and hand to my housekeeper tomorrow? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the information. Although I am not a gambler, definitely will check out the casino tonight!
  11. I read from several posts that there are $19 laundry per bag on NCL ships. I am now cruising with NCL Joy and all I could find is a bag in our room with a price list with the cost for each item. Could someone please tell me how this $19 laundry per bag works? Thanks.
  12. I am unfortunate to have to work during my cruise, at least for the first few night. I am working alone at a quiet place on Joy (and was last night) and was wondering where I could get some light snack at such a late hour? I searched but could not find any answer. Don't ask me why I did not go to the guest service to get the answer ...
  13. Thank you both for the very useful information. Our cruise ship will be Joy. I am from Missouri and always thought that Alaska is freezing, much like the winter here in Missouri, or worse. Did not know it's like standing in front of a freezer (or fridge?). We thought we need to bring our winter coats (four winter coats already occupy a big suitcase!) but maybe not. Could you please also let me know if a winter coat is necessary? I checked some YouTube video just now after reading your post. Is the outfit described in the following video accurately describe what is needed for a late-May early-J
  14. Our Alaska cruise is at the end of this month (May) and we have a balcony room. At this time of the year, do people use the balcony? I am asking because we have two kids so the balcony room seems to be a bit too tight for all four of us. I have been thinking to bid on a family room that is much larger but has only a virtual balcony. I figure if it's too cold to use the balcony at all, we might better off bid on the family room. Thanks.
  15. perdiax, thank you for providing your experience on the NCL internet. Sometimes not you bring your work to the cruise but your work finds you, no matter wherever and whenever you are ...
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