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  1. Alright, looks like my math was off a bit. Good to hear that the Sea is looking great. I don’t usually notice a little wear and tear anyway but thought there is no harm in asking.
  2. Hi Everyone, I’m sailing on The Sea in 2021, as I understand the Sea is a few years old at this point and will be about 7-8 years old by the time I cruise on her. How is the interior holding up? Carpet, upholstery etc...everything I have read indicates that it looks great but I just wanted to hear a few opinions. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for this review. I am going on this cruise in 2021 and am really looking forward to it.
  4. I just booked my first Viking Ocean cruise in room 3069. I was a bit worried about noise but it sounds like being over the dining room will work out great! Thanks for the input from all of you previous cruisers.
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