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  1. Thanks guys for your responses, we are sailing with Princess so have booked CPS 🙂
  2. I’m a total newbie to this and never cruised from Southampton. It looks like our cruise leaves out of Ocean terminal but returns to Mayflower. If we park at Ocean terminal how easy is it to get back to pick our car up when we have disembark at Mayflower? Is there transport available to get back or is it walkable? TIA.
  3. Flossie009 has explained this perfectly. At the current time you are not allowed to fly into the UK from the US and then board a ship without doing the 10 day quarantine on arrival. But the rules are changing constantly so they could be different by the time you travel.
  4. apologies for jumping on this post, but if we book a sail away inside cabin will we get a change to bid on an upgrade?
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