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  1. I expect that they will hold it for as long as possible! They may deem that anyone who made full final payment AFTER a cruise had already been cancelled doesn't need their money back quickly 😉
  2. It's been 5 weeks or so since the Sea and Sun Princess were sold and cruises cancelled. Has anyone had their FCC or out of pocket expenses refunded yet?
  3. Bahahaha.... well I backed the losing team, my favourite player didn't win the Norm Smith medal, AND I got so excited in the first half that I burnt my pizza. Good times!
  4. Ooops - got my codes mixed up! Hawkins still for the win though 🤞
  5. Carn the Cats! I'm calling Tom Hawkins (26) for the Clive Churchill Medal. 🏅
  6. Yes, we have the same 10% law up here but I reckon there are people with more money than sense...
  7. Kick off is in just over 2 hours and I don't have time to sell a kidney on the black market unfortunately 😉
  8. Because of the rain, tickets are starting to show up on sale sights like Gumtree... I could grab two seats on the centre wing for a measly $1700! The seller even says that they will throw in a raincoat! ☔
  9. It's pretty wet at the Gabba and they've had about 20mls of rain in the last couple of hours, but that pitch drains beautifully. There's certainly some rumbling thunder but no wild electrical storms and the gates are still opening in 20 minutes. Up the Cats!
  10. You mentioned a few weeks ago that you were going to attempt to make final payments on your cruises, despite them being cancelled, so that you could get 125% FCC on the entire cruise portion. Did Princess and RCL actually accept your final payments?
  11. Correct! Told you it was easy 😉 Over to you.
  12. A very simple one, but this was taken on the first cruise that I took my Mum and Dad on. Mum would have been 74 today 🙂
  13. Somehow or other I don't think that you're going to be able to pay for something that doesn't exist... the cruise is cancelled! Whatever amount was paid on your cruise fare on the day that Princess announced they sold the Sea/Sun is the amount that you will get back as FCC. You get the 25% loading offer only on cruise fare, not port fees or taxes, Ezi-air bookings, prepaid shore excursions, etc. Anything other than cruise fare that you've paid for will be automatically refunded as a cash to your nominated account. Patience is your friend here and since your FCC is not required to pay in
  14. Mystery Island is my most favourite South Pacific island - I hope it's on your itinerary! As others have said, you will find that locals sail over from other islands when they know a cruise ship is in. This pic (taken in May a few years back) is of a lovely NiVatu bloke named Desi. He hand carved this boat in 2 months and 5 days and he takes visitors for a sail out over the reef for the princely sum of $5 Australian. I'm actually jealous now ... sailing out of Sydney takes your breath away PLUS you get to the islands! 🙂
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