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  1. The 'Concierge Lounge' (or VIP lounge as it is called on the Majestic) is on deck 14 and is only for suite guests. There is a dedicated concierge in there who will help you with absolutely anything and everything. You can visit in person for assistance, or there will be a dedicated concierge phone number listed near your in-suite phone. The lounge is a lovely little area where there are complimentary speciality coffees and teas, a full range of sweet and savory snacks, a small library and televisions. On the Majestic we found it was almost always empty except for the concierge. Enjoy!
  2. I was on the Sea on this day, and watching the big girl glide into position in front of us was amazing. Even better was watching her leave before us, complete with her 'Love Boat' theme. Great fun yelling Aussie, Aussie, Aussie between ships! I was on the Majestic last November, but only now appreciate just how huge she is 😉
  3. Hi! I got off the Sea last week and the only milkshake I saw was from the New Zealand Icecream bar on deck 12. This is an additional charge venue and if I remember correctly the milkshakes were roughly AUD$7.50 or so. I didn't purchase while on board, but can certainly vouch for the 10/10 yum factor of this brand. :-)
  4. We got off the Sea Princess on Sunday after a 14 day trip to New Zealand (our third trip on this lovely old girl). There is nothing that I can fault! The MDR's served the best meals I've had on Princess and the buffet had a lovely range of fresh items. The staff were extremely good with continual cleaning and very careful to have all passengers wash their hands before entering the buffet. The barista service up in the buffet was very good and quite quick as well. My favourite quiet place was the back of the ship at the Wake Bar. Lots of shady areas with full loungers available, 3 hot tubs and a cold pool. Great bar and fantastic staff. There is a smokers corner up in this area but that rarely bothered me. As others have said, the promenade deck is gorgeous! Always a great view, lots of people watching opportunities plus of course the shuffleboard areas. The Sterling Steakhouse is the speciality restaurant onboard, but doesn't have it's own 'room' as such - just a cordoned off area of the buffet. The meal was spectacular, but don't go for the ambiance. I hope you love the Sea as much as we do :-)
  5. You will love being pampered in a suite! The cutest little things are the 'Sleep' kits that arrive on your bed - especially a little cube of aromatics that you place on the shower floor and the hot water and steam releases these gorgeous, sleep inducing fragrances. Our lovely steward bought me a new cube each morning - such pampering! As someone else also mentioned, playing grownups on the balcony while taking afternoon tea is such fun! My bank balance will probably not afford a suite again for a very long time, but my oh my, what an indulgence it was! Enjoy :-)
  6. Hi there, I don't have specific advice of how / who to snorkel with, but will suggest that you seek out a way to have a full body stocking (stinger suit) available before you enter the water. There has been a huge number of both the extremely dangerous / deadly Irukandji jellyfish and bluebottle jellyfish in the Whitsunday region this summer. :-)
  7. Thanks everyone - greatly appreciated! Cheers, Vickie.
  8. I popped this request into the Majestic Princess Fan Club's Facebook page - lots of passengers from that cruise are in this group so fingers crossed.
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if any NZ locals could give me some advice regarding purchasing a prepaid SIM for my iPhone please? I'm on a 14 day NZ cruise and in various ports for 6 of those days. Just wanting something that will allow me to check texts and messages quickly. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers, Vickie.
  10. Hi there, I'm curious if anyone has used The Sanctuary whilst on the Sea Princess? What actually is included / is there much shade (red hair, freckly gal here) / where do you have to make your reservations, etc... Any information and reviews specific only to the Sea would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Vickie.
  11. Thanks very much! We've chosen traditional dining for 7.30 so will see how that goes for us. Getting excited now :-)
  12. Hi Aus Traveller :-) I'm on the Sea in just under 5 weeks... any clues or advice you have for me? I'm doing the NZ trip, which I've done before on the Sun, and was on the Sea in March for a little 4 nighter, but any more recent tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Vickie.
  13. As a 47 year old (almost empty nester, still full time worker) my hubby and I cruise only Princess. I spend less than $20 a day once onboard (those ultimate Mai-Tai's will get me every time) and simply follow my nose and explore when in port. I absolutely love sitting at a table of 8 or 10 'older' cruisers and hearing their stories, their experiences and their advice. This for me is the beauty of Princess. I don't mind the techie stuff as I will have my phone with me to check on home etc, but I've not felt that Princess is losing their way ... yet.
  14. That $99 deal isn't available in Australia, nor is the $9.99 per day unlimited after you've used your free minutes. The Australian call centre had no idea about the offer... on the Sea Princess you only have the option of bulk minutes, not even the day to day packages. Hummppphhh 😞
  15. I was on the Majestic a fortnight ago and we had CC dining as we were in a suite. The benefit of being able to walk in and be seated within minutes was lovely, but we didn't really enjoy sitting at a round table of 8 when there was only 3 of us. They wouldn't allow us to share a table. One night we had the additional menu option (there was only 1) of onion rings that were served with the existing steak dish. Another evening the only additional CC menu item was a second flavour of icecream added to an existing dessert. Nothing special at all - quite disappointing really considering the hype about CC. The advertised 'tableside preparations' was the spooning of mint jelly onto our plate one evening. The wait staff were pleasant, but no more attentive than the MDR staff. We only used CC dining twice. Maybe these were all teething issues as the Majestic settles into Australia for the season, but there's no way in the world I would ever pay extra for Club Class dining...
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