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  1. Another thread is stating that there were 6 unvaccinated children on board...
  2. I've popped onto CC for this exact concern! Our 100% refund cancellation date falls before the next govt announcement due on September 17th, so we're wondering whether to just cancel and wait for things to smooth over, or whether to sit tight and roll with the punches (and possibly have an underwhelming trip which includes 14 days of face masks, and only being allowed off the ship if we have booked a Princess shore tour). The unknowns are making me very nervous! Princess of course don't have any information because they are waiting on the Govt to make up the rules and they are rightfully sa
  3. Three of us sailed in a suite on the Majestic and the third bed is a fold out sofa bed - I'd say a double bed width. When it is folded out you have to climb over it to get to the balcony. Since the fleet wide roll out of the fancy mattresses, the ships no longer carry mattress toppers so the fold out sofa bed was uncomfortable, with no solution available. It was the only disappointment we had though as the suite was magnificent. Cheers.
  4. I'm genuinely interested in how they are going to source their alligator ribs whilst the Coral is in Australia for the season ... a quick Google search lets me know that I can buy just under 3kg of alligator meat for the special price of $397! Bargain 😉
  5. That sounds exactly like our situation - if we weren't able to keep the same room then we wouldn't have bothered with the rest of the offer. I think the way we got our actual discount was that the promo pricing was based on MK (?) pricing and we had already booked on the higher MB. Because we didn't take the room upgrade they just gave us the difference back! Add the OBC and dining and we were up over $600 🙂 Now we just have to wait another 430 days .... cheers, Vickie.
  6. All categories (except full suite) have the Plus option on them for my cruise, regardless of whether it is a new booking or a refare.
  7. We had to rebook to get the 3 for Free, and the Princess Plus was available for us. I think it is a standard offering for all Princess cruises nowadays.
  8. I got email from Princess today, advertising their new '3 for Free' offers. My cruise for February 2022 is part of the promo and they were happy to rebook me so that I got the special offers. We luckily got to keep our existing mini-suite, received $200 OBC, a speciality dining voucher ... plus a refund of $358! If you have future Princess cruises booked, it's well worth investigating 🙂
  9. I expect that they will hold it for as long as possible! They may deem that anyone who made full final payment AFTER a cruise had already been cancelled doesn't need their money back quickly 😉
  10. It's been 5 weeks or so since the Sea and Sun Princess were sold and cruises cancelled. Has anyone had their FCC or out of pocket expenses refunded yet?
  11. Bahahaha.... well I backed the losing team, my favourite player didn't win the Norm Smith medal, AND I got so excited in the first half that I burnt my pizza. Good times!
  12. Ooops - got my codes mixed up! Hawkins still for the win though 🤞
  13. Carn the Cats! I'm calling Tom Hawkins (26) for the Clive Churchill Medal. 🏅
  14. Yes, we have the same 10% law up here but I reckon there are people with more money than sense...
  15. Kick off is in just over 2 hours and I don't have time to sell a kidney on the black market unfortunately 😉
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