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  1. I'm just bummed about the loss of SpiceH2O. On my last NCL cruise on the Epic back in January, that was the hangout spot for us, day or night. I'm sure we'll still have fun on the Encore, but that's kind of a shame. Yeah. Do that and see how that works out.
  2. Indeed. I'm on the other side of the spectrum. To me, vacation is pure relaxation, and that means not having to dress up at all. I love freestyle for that, but different strokes for different folks. As for the Epic, I agree with your thoughts about it feeling cramped sometimes. I enjoyed my cruise on Epic very much, but I feel like it was in spite of the boat, not because of it. We're booked on the new Encore for January and have high hopes for the waterfront area, among other things.
  3. I'm pretty damned salty about the loss of Spice H2O. It's by far my favorite area to spend time during the day, and now what they've basically done is make it an entirely paid feature. Even if I was willing to tack another $420 on for my wife and I to get access, we managed to convince another couple to come with us on our January 2020 cruise. If they want to come hang out with us they'd have to fork over that money as well, and to be honest they're not quite as "financially blessed" as we are. I'd be tempted to cancel, but the other couple is making installment payments on this cruise because that's how they can afford to go at all. I guess this is what I get for wanting to cruise on the "new hotness".
  4. On my last cruise I wore either cargo or basketball shorts, t-shirts and slide sandals everywhere on the boat. I had no interest in entering Le Bistro or the Manhattan Room, so I had no problems whatsoever.
  5. They’re... offering full refunds. I mean, I’m not saying there isn’t reason to be bothered by some of NCL’s decisions. They haven’t exactly had a perfect past. But I don’t know how they could better handle something they have zero control of. What would you suggest?
  6. For anyone still unhappy with what's being offered, what would it take in your opinion to make this right?
  7. Except they are refunding your money if you so choose.
  8. Yup, me too. I'd be a little bummed about not getting all my ports, but as long as I can get some lounge time in the warm sun with a cold drink that's a win every time.
  9. A good deal is a good deal. Those that cancel are passing up a good deal in exchange for a full refund, not a thing wrong with taking advantage of an opportunity. 👍
  10. Seems like there's going to be some half-empty boats that were originally going to Cuba in the next couple of months. Could be a good time for anyone flexible enough to feast on some super-cheap last minute fares.
  11. I don't have a ton of experience on either line, but from what I've seen I'd echo a lot of the sentiments already stated. The lines are far more alike than different. CCL wins for free lunch options, comedy shows, and size of inside cabins. NCL wins for overall food quality especially if you get a specialty dining package as a part of your perks, stage shows, and quality of furnishings in cabins. It's a draw for me in service level and nightlife. The tipping point for me has been the condition of the ships. In my own limited experiences, Carnival ships I've been on have been not well maintained. I've consistently seen rust, peeling paint, broken hot tubs, things like that. Not so much on NCL. I also notice more kids on Carnival. That's great for families and I have no problem with kids, but we prefer fewer tiny humans around if possible. I prefer NCL but that's a personal choice based, again, on pretty limited experience. I'd sail Carnival again, but the primary selling point for NCL for me right now is price. When the drink package is included as a perk, even with the mandatory gratuity, NCL cruises seem to come out ahead on overall price by a few hundred bucks over not only Carnival but also RCL and Celebrity.
  12. I'm with you on this one. I wouldn't know what to do with a butler if I had one. I'd honestly rather the Haven didn't exist at all. Real estate on a cruise ship is severely limited, and I don't love the amount of space that is dedicated to only a few people. That's just the socialist hippie in me talking, though.
  13. If it’s still this hard to get in, then they’re still not charging enough for it.
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