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  1. We are also booked on this leg of the World tour , we paid our balance last Wednesday then received the bombshell notification of the changes on Monday morning, WE are absolutely gutted as this was 2 of the main reasons we booked the cruise which for us is our celebration of 40 years marriage and retirement for which we have saved for over years. P&O say tenders will be available to take us from Yorkies Knob then we can make our own way to Cairns, trouble is tenders are no use to us we have tried them and failed in the Caribbean so the docking in Port to then take a trip to the reef was along with being one of the first cruises to visit Kiriwani the reasons why we booked the cruise, to have them taken away from us is to say the least very upsetting. We have done all the usual contacted the company our agent etc but they say they can do this without any compensation and the only offer they have made is to cancel at a cost of near on £900 which we can not afford to lose. WE even asked if we could delay for a year so we could dock in Cairns but this was also refused. I cant believe we do not have a case for full refund as 28% of our cruise has been either removed or altered, they say we now have the opportunity to spend more time at sea instead of visiting Kiriwani :(
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