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  1. never understand why every lost item is not reported and returned
  2. Our Family LOVED LPC. The whole dining room applauded at the end of the meal. when was the last time that ever happened?!
  3. We were on reflection I believe (we cruise alot!), but think other ships offer the same now. There were 2 shows: 1 with the surf and turf dinner. The 2nd was 4 chefs competing to win the night. It was awesome.
  4. We also enjoy the main dining room and Le Petit Chef is a WONDERFUL unique experience.
  5. interested to hear how it ended up...
  6. you would think that would be easy to do
  7. check on icruise they are very user friendly for that info
  8. We saw 2 different LPC shows with different stories and different menus. I'm sure that will be the same here. We LOVED it. The technology is amazing and our group laughed together the whole night. It was a highlight of our cruise.
  9. celebrity should be very clear about the reservations and what the restaurant will be. That said, we have seen Le Petit Chef 2x. if people think this a cartoon for kids they are not understanding, appreciating the overall complexity of this experience. To sit in a room of people all laughing at 3D figures RIGHT ON YOU PLATE (without VR glasses) is so unique. The animation, we were told takes 24 hour to create 10 seconds. LPC usually plays in Europe for over 150/pp. This is a standout memory for us on our cruise. I think Celebrity does a poor job marketing this, but innovations like this is what keeps us on Celebrity. It's the only MUST DO on our next Celebrity cruise.
  10. Hi Saw on a post that some hotels offer a day package that includes pick up from ship, access to their beach with lounge chairs and food. This seems like a good way to have a nice beach day. Has anyone ever done this?
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