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  1. It's not really that kind of town. Also, I'm not sure you want to be on the road in a small Mexican town on a scooter. It's not that the people are careless, but it's just different. Not sure I'd feel safe. Definitely get the beach massage. Right where Calles 80 meets the Malecon. Also, Eladios and Sol y Mar (Calles 78) are good places to relax and get a bite to eat. Also, check out Bolom Balam leather store between the Malecon and the bus stop on Calles 80.
  2. It was till there last month. Was $5.00 and left from the bus depot where you are dropped off from the ship.
  3. Just got back from our cruise. We canceled our excursion in Progreso and decided to spend the day in the city. I did a lot of research ahead of time so we'd know where we were and what our options where. We waited until about 9:30 to get off the ship. This kept us from being in the rush. We worked our way through the shopping on the dock. The vendors were not overbearing here. We rode the bus into town and got off at the bus station. From here we decided to see the Mercado (market) first. This is where the locals shop and eat lunch. Nobody in the Mercado was pushy at all. A lot of the food looked good and we saw some cruisers eating here. We just bought a couple of cokes as we were not ready to eat yet. The Mercado is dirty looking by American standards, but I don't think it was unclean. From the Mercado we walked to the Malecon (beach road) and up the beach a short way. It was very hot and in the sun so we decided to turn back. We had been approached about a massage and decided to get one. My wife and I both got 40 minutes massages for $30 total. The massage was very good. It was under a tent so was in the shade and the sea breeze was very cool. Afterwards, we went to Eladios (Calles 80/Malecon) and both had a drink and some free botanas (finger foods/snacks). Two drinks, snacks, and tip were about $10 total. All was very good. Walked up Calles 80 and went into Bolom Balam, which is a local leather store. I highly recommend a stop here. We went over to Calles 78 and by Sol y Mar, but didn't want to eat yet. We went by a few more vendors in the bus stop area. They were pretty insistent at times. Ended up eating at Barlovento (Calles 80 - across from Bolom Balam). My wife had tacos and I had the pescado fritos (whole fried fish, freshly caught). Food was good, but was more expensive than I thought it should be. Finally figured out that they have a menu from cruisers and a local menu. Same food, different prices....not cool. Next time I would eat at Sol y Mar. By now it's 1:30 so we worked our way to the bus and back to the port. Shopped at the port a little then got back on the ship. We didn't do the double-decker because of the heat. We just felt zapped by it, but I guess because we were coming from cooler weather. Next time I would want to do the double-decker tour. Normally 85 wouldn't feel so hot. Also, the vendors can be pushy. Depending on your tolerance of this it might be a big deal for you. If you don't want to be bothered then stay away from the beach, except to get your massage. You definitely want the massage. If you don't want to go on an excursion then enjoy Progreso for what it is. We had a fun day and it was a good experience seeing a local Mexican town just going about it's business. The locals were really nice and everywhere we went we felt safe.
  4. What are some example prices? How much is a backpack? What is an item that you consider inexpensive? I'm trying to figure out how much cash to take.
  5. Thanks for the information. We are excited to get off the beaten path a little and just hang in a real town. I know it's only for one day, but we really enjoy that type of experience when we get to have it.
  6. We are really leaning towards taking a relaxing day in the town of Progreso just to get a feel for it. Never been there and it sounds fun to hang out in a more authentic Mexican town that a tourist port. Here's a list of places we may try based on a lot of research off the web. We are more interested in the local touch than the more "Americanized" ones. Food Cheaper - More local? Sol y Mar - Calles 78 - Local, cheap, and highly rated Barlovento - Calles 80 - Local, affordable, ex-pats eat here Cochinita & Lechon El Naranjo - in Market. Get the Cochinita (pork) Recommend food stalls in the market. Fun and cheap. Recommended by several Recommended by an Expat Los Henequenes - Trip Advisor says ugh… Milk Bar - not local? Malecon and Calles 74 Maya-ka - hammocks? - Malecon and Calles 74 Activities Progreso Bus Tour - $9? La Ria Kayak - Kayak Mangroves - Get Taxi El Corchito - Nature Reserve - Get Taxi Shopping At port….may be the usual stuff Market in Progreso Bolom Balam - Leather store - Highly recommended, but not sure of prices. - Calles 80.
  7. Has anyone shopped at Bolom Balam. What is the price range of items?
  8. We will be in Progreso in a couple of weeks with Carnival. Looking to either go to Uxmal or relax and see some authentic Mexico. If you have been to Progreso how would you advise us? Favorite restaurant(s) in Progreso? Are the massages worth the $10-$20 cost? Are the vendors that relentless? Is it easy to use AutoProgreso to get to Merida, have fun in Merida, and get back to Progreso? Would Uxmal be a better day than just hanging out and relaxing? Trying to make our final decision. Thanks!
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