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  1. I'm trying to find a product that smells like the Molton Brown Room and Linen Mist. (Samphire and eucalyptus)

    Our room steward left a bottle in our room, and it's smells wonderful, it makes my bathroom smell like a spa 🙂 but it's not for sale on the MB web site, so I am hoping someone may know of a similar product.


    Thank you

  2. Apex, (obviously, this is not sailing yet, but would you book in advance of reviews?) Constellation or Edge in Caribbean?

    Any thoughts please?


    Things I love,

    thalassotherapy pool  (but I don't see this on any Celeb ships, am I wrong?)

    frozen martini bar, (not a deal breaker as long as I have a martini bar tho!!!)

    hot tubs

    Good shows

    Good food (willing to pay for a couple of nights at up charge restaurants)

    Don't love

    Over crowding

    lots of kids

    mega lines in buffet

  3. 7 hours ago, wripro said:

    No one loved the triplets more than I did but it's unfair to compare them to the O ships. In fact, if you compared the triplets in 2014 to the triplets in 2000 you would have even more to complain about. A ship carrying 200 passengers is totally different from one carrying 450. But I do think SB tries its best to uphold its  tradition of service. All luxury cruise lines have made certain cuts these days. It's just a fact of economic life.

    Why is it unfair to compare? Seabourn are still advertising the same product. As a luxury cruise line I think people are willing to pay for that service.

    So if every luxury cruise line is cutting costs, where do we go now to get the service these days?

  4. Here are my take away thoughts from this cruise, both the good and bad! For clarification; I am comparing the service of this Seabourn cruise to that of The Legend in 2014.



    This area let this ship down the most. Overall I don't think the service was up to the Seabourn expected standard. Only two waiters remembered my name (Thanks Dewon & Joel) in 2 weeks. The bar staff were okay while pouring a standard drink, but anything slightly out of the norm- they didn't have. I asked for a pear or lavender martini, it never happened. Frozen drinks were abysmal. On a quiet afternoon we sat at the pool bar; my husband ordered a top self margarita, and it was delicious, when he ordered a 2nd one, Anthony gave him a totally different drink, so he made another margarita, and got it wrong again, it wasn't top shelf, so had to make it yet again, finally. This may all sound very picky and I guess it is, but this is the type of service we received a lot of the time, I feel like I had to ask for the same thing over and over again.

    We were ignored when waiting to be served, to the point of embarrassment, in the Observation bar for afternoon tea, when tables all around us were served and no one acknowledged us, we literally sat there until I waved at a waiter. Another time at Earth and Ocean we were 2nd on the wait list for a table, after I saw 3 tables already seated before us, I had to ask for a table, they had forgotten us, even though we were sat right there.



    You know the saying "You become what you surround yourself with"?  Well how lovely to be on Seabourn with these guests. There were a lot of British people, due to the direct flights from UK I think. Which I loved as I am English and live in USA. Met some lovely people... Hi 'Sir Hugh' After all of the countdown I didn't actually see you on the day!



    We all know this is not a cruise line big on entertainment and as such I was pleasantly surprised. I missed the Tim Rice shows, but the comedienne the first week was hilarious, and Ashley Carruthers, pianist, was excellent as always. Farewell parties were good, hubby loved "Rum and Cigars under the stars",  The Trio band were great, Anne, of Anne and the band wasn't very good, but we thought this was more about the mic and mix than her voice,  But the best bit of entertainment was ....

    Robert the CD,  I have cruised for many years on many lines, and this guy is hands down the best ever. He has time for everyone, is the perfect host and also sings opera.

    (Robert when you read this..... "They're all dead Dave, Still dead Dave...")

    TIP In the club, a curtain covers the stage when a band isn't playing, pull one side and there is a juke box.



    Our favorite place to eat was Earth and Ocean, we had some of our best meals here, Peking duck, steamed buns with BBQ pork.

    I requested a special lunch of avocado and lobster which they made the next day, and was awesome.

    TK Grill, food is amazing, but ask for a window seat, some tables are so close together you might as well be dining with whoever is next to you, seriously I don't know how a larger framed person would even get between the tables to sit down.

    The type of caviar has changed since my last SB cruise and it's now delicious. (I didn't like it before)

    The first week of caviar in the surf they ran out before I even got to the surf board, but the 2nd week, the sea was choppy and not so many people got into the water, it really was caviar in the 'surf' and there was more than enough to go round. The lobster at both beach BBQ's was delicious.

    As every day was a port day, the restaurant was never open for breakfast or lunch, this was a big disappointment, and I think they should open at least for embarkation/disembarkation day to take the pressure off of the buffet.

    So.... to the buffet, the food is excellent, but it's still a buffet, still rude people that cut in line, no patience to wait etc. I'd rather be in a dining room.

    And the worst meal was the Indian buffet which I had really been looking forward to, very disappointing.



    I don't intend to go to Barbados ever again, I said this the first time, so this was a second chance, the hotel got messed up (nothing to do with Seabourn I hasten to add) and I think the whole logistics at the port are a nightmare. We were told to wait 3 times at the port, I have no idea why, only when I asked why we were repeatedly asked us to wait were we told we could go ahead and get on the bus to the ship.

    The flight  connections and wait times make the trip (for me in Florida) ridiculous, and I don't anticipate a redo.


    Overall,  lovely cruise, but disappointing compared to The Legend.







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