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  1. Anyone used the 'Lounge Buddy" lounge at the airport? www dot loungebuddy dot com Thank you
  2. Your rooms won't be ready that early. It's usually around 2pm. Where did you hear about no disembark today?
  3. Does any one have the current price of photos to purchase onboard please?
  4. All of this; Breakfast in bed massages champagne and lunch swim/hot tub a nap a martini while getting ready for dinner upgrade dinner - if possible. a show casino.
  5. I haven't been on Dream so can't comment on that. I am booked to go on Paradise, I like that it is a smaller ship. Went on Valor a few years ago, and I didn't care for it. So if I had to pick between Dream and Paradise I would go for the smaller ship.
  6. What are the current prices to buy photos onboard please? I see the 5 photo package is available to buy online, just wondering if this is cheaper or more expensive than onboard? Does anyone have a recent copy of of The fun Times for Paradise please? Or any menus? Is room service free or a charge? Thank you for any input 🙂
  7. Thanks for the replies. Do you know what they charge? Thank you
  8. Is there an up charge for the Thermal area on Odyssey, or is it included? Thank you
  9. So what soaps are they offering you on boarding day? Thanks
  10. Thank you to everyone for your replies, very helpful. I have my travel agent looking into transfers via Seabourn. I have another quick question; as I'm also thinking of booking a private taxi, if I do this, what is the latest time I could get off the ship? I realize it varies, just looking for ideas on what time to book the taxi for. Thanks again
  11. I have asked this question on the Barbados board but no response. What's the best way to get from the Port to BGi airport please? My return flight is 2:15pm Thank you
  12. Any recommendations for getting from the Cruise port to BGI airport please? My flight is 2.15 Pm on a Saturday. Thank you
  13. How did you get to Limerz beach? Thanks
  14. I have a quick question as I can't remember from last time, How do you find out that the credit has been applied? Thanks
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