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  1. I agree 100% that the reason Silversea is not cancelling more itineraries is to hold onto our money for as long as possible - I would like to remain loyal (having recently discovered Silversea and enjoyed two fantastic expeditions) but also want to be treated fairly. Any hope that cruising will get back to normal in a couple of months is, I believe, false. A specific example. Our next cruise is to the Russian Far East in June. One practical problem (aside from all the COVID travel restrictions) is that passengers need to obtain a Russian visa and send this to Silversea 45 days before departure, by 4 May. How can we do this when countries are in lock-down (mine now until 17 April) and Russia has issued a temporary ban on foreign visitors until 1 May?
  2. Sadly, I don't things will be resolved any time soon. I believe Silversea are reluctant to cancel cruises for May/June that by now are unlikely to be able to go ahead without endangering peoples' health. Are they really prepared to risk more Shadow/Explorer lockdowns if they start sailing again too soon?
  3. Sorry, I didn't read this before I commented on your earlier post. I am very interested to hear about this change in cancellation policy. How did you hear about it as I can't see anything about it on their website?
  4. I guess you had to pay a penalty as it's less than 120 days until departure. (We're due to sail on the next departure, Otaru to Otaru.)
  5. We are booked on the Silver Explorer Russia Far East, Otaru to Otaru departing 18 June. Unfortunately our 120 full cancellation deadline has now passed and we currently have flights booked via Hong Kong which as things stand, we would need to change to be allowed to board. We asked Silversea about this and their response was: Our policy below remains unchanged For the most up to date information it is best to keep checking the website. At the moment all sailings are going ahead as scheduled. However, with the situation developing we are not able to predict that far ahead. We follow all the WHO advise and have security experts in the US monitoring the situation. All guests and agents will be informed if there are any changes. If guests travel to any of the countries on the restricted list then they will be denied boarding. They must avoid transiting also. If they have booked flights through any of these they must be changed. They should contact their agent. So, I think we're facing a few months of uncertainty, and of course, at some point soon will need to apply for our Russian visa. We're reluctant to change our flights yet as things will certainly change between now and June.
  6. Looking forward to reading your posts. We join in Kangerlussuaq on 26th so we’re now really excited. Sorry that the weather was so disappointing around Iceland and we, too, wish you better luck for this cruise.
  7. Does anyone have their charter flight information for this cruise yet? As it’s now less than 80 days until departure, I would hope that Silversea would let people know, especially those making their own flight and hotel arrangements.
  8. Apologies if this question has been answered before, but I have a quick question about the fares shown on Silversea’s website. There are currently a lot of different promotions depending on the destination ( eg $1,500 off selected Alaska voyages, $3,000 Arctic, etc) for bookings until 31 March, plus up to $500 Bonus Day savings for bookings until 28 February, plus of course the 10% early booking discount for full payment. I can see that website quotes the price after the 10% early booking discount, but what about any of these other promotions? Do the fares on the website reflect all the current promotions and are therefore the lowest price?
  9. We haven't received ours yet. Do we ask our travel agent to contact Silversea, or is this something we can do ourselves?
  10. We are booked on Voyage 1907 from Ushuaia to Cape Town in February 2019. This is our first cruise with Silversea so would welcome advice about disembarkation, ie how long it takes. We asked Silversea and received the following reply: "The Silver Cloud will arrive to Cape Town at 08.30 am on 27th March, guests will spend one night onboard and disembark on 28th March, after breakfast. The latest disembarkation time is 10 am.". As our cruise is fast approaching (😀) we'd like to book onward flights from Cape Town Airport, so we'd welcome feedback from Silversea cruisers (especially anyone who has disembarked at Cape Town) on what to expect. We were thinking of booking a flight (domestic to Johannesburg) at 1225. Does this sound realistic?
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