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  1. It was through Corfu Walking Tours. We didn't get to go on the tour, but I highly recommend them based on their communication and the quick refund when our cruise was cancelled. Hopefully we will get to Corfu one day and will be able to take this tour!
  2. My July cruise was cancelled on April 1, but not removed from my planner until April 18th (2 days before the final payment date).
  3. I booked Early Saver, but I booked last summer so maybe that has something to do with it?
  4. My cruise planner still has the original due date (April 20) for final payment. 😔
  5. Yes, but it says "You may also cancel up to 30 days prior to your scheduled departure date. Any cancellation charges will be held as a future cruise credit (FCC) to be redeemed on a cruise within one year of your original sailing" That implies that there is still a cancellation charge, so I'm trying to see if it's the same cancellation charge as I would incur if I cancel now (4 months out) or if it would be the charge based on their normal calculations at 30 days (50%).
  6. So it seems like the cancellation fees will still be the same, but instead of losing that money it moves to FCC. Do you think that is correct? From the Carnival site: "From 55 days prior to sailing to 30 days prior to sailing, the penalty is 50% of the total fare or the standard deposit amount, whichever is greater." So if we cancel 31 days prior, 50% of our fare will go towards FCC, but if we cancel prior to final payment date, only our deposit will go to FCC and we would get the rest of our money back. Thanks!
  7. Statistical curiosity. I'm a numbers person. Also, I have two daughters in two schools that play on three sports teams between them and it would be nice to have an idea if everything is going to get cancelled! Our cruise isn't until July and we're still counting on going on it.
  8. I wish they were tabulating the cases from the past sailing of the Grand. Living in San Francisco, I would really like to know what the numbers look like. So far, it seems like 2 in Placer, 2 in Santa Clara, 2 in Toronto, 1 in Alberta, and now these 2 new ones in Contra Costa. I have yet to find a single source so I've been trying to keep track on my own.
  9. We have a Barcelona to Venice booked for July. We are flying round trip to Barcelona. If our cruise is cancelled, we will evaluate the situation and consider flying to Barcelona and doing a land trip. My parent's April cruise in Japan was cancelled and they were thinking of replacing it with a trip in the US somewhere, but are rethinking that now because they don't want to fly and are worried about closures.
  10. I've been wondering this too. I've been looking here, twitter, and facebook and have found very very little from the ship. Seems so odd.
  11. Thanks! We decided to bite (hahaha) the bullet and booked a food tour. It's more pricey than we were planning for Corfu, but I know my family will enjoy it! I do have the Rick Steves Med Port guide, so we will supplement each day with his suggestions!
  12. I'm having the hardest time deciding which direction we should go in Kotor. We are a family of 4 with daughters 11 and 15. We are not beach people, but do enjoy snorkeling and swimming. We will be in Kotor from 7:00AM to 6:00PM at the end of July. My first instinct was to hike the fortress in the AM, explore Kotor on our own for a couple of hours, and then do one of the 4 hour boat tours where we go to the Blue Cave, snorkel a little, go to Lady of the Rock island, and maybe go to Perast. Then I read something that says cruise passengers will already have seen the s
  13. Hi Terry, I wanted to thank you for the amazing posts you have put together for so many locations. We are currently planning a Med Cruise for this summer and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts (and viewing your pictures) of the places we will be going. I saw the link in those posts to this current one and I had to see what you thought about my city of San Francisco! I enjoyed reading this so much! Having lived here my whole life, it is easy to get a little jaded about the day to day problems of the city and it is refreshing to view it through someone else's eyes! It really is an
  14. Thank you everyone for the feedback. Please continue to give some as I know Jess is looking at this option still! We decided to take the train to Avignon and go on a Wine Tour from there. Since we want to drink the wine, we decided not to drive ourselves 🙂 Thank you again for your valuable advice!
  15. We will be in Corfu from 700 to 1700 on a Saturday in July. We are the only ship in port that day and our ship carries 2600. We are a family of four traveling with our 11 and 15 year old daughters. I have been scouring both TripAdvisor and Cruise Critic to try to decide our day and still haven't figured it out. However, I know for sure that we want to do a walking tour of Old Corfu. We love to do walking tours in new places because we learn so much from our guides as we walk and orient ourselves with the city. I have found several self-guided tours that we can do if we have to, but
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