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  1. For the people who have done the tours with Xuan, can you give me a general idea of price? I think he had quoted us $360 for 2 days of touring for 2 people. $90/day per person. For US I think that is fair price, for Vietnam seems a bit high?
  2. MAXINES on boardwalk This place is awesome. Great new local restaurant, opened by an ex executive chef from a fancy hotel. Maxine and Jonathan , the owners are very friendly and hard working. Their son Leondo was here today and he and Suzanne made me a wonderful frozen concoction. Great tables on beach covered with palm fronds and have inside restaurant. Bathroom spotless. Maxine is an excellent cook from Jamaica with special spice recipe on their wings. The aroma of Jonathan cooking on the grill as you walk by will get your attention. If you want chairs on the beach they have an agreement with the Red Umbrella people. Their bucket of beers for $10 had a wide selection and their mixed drinks are excellent and best price on beach. Great Atmosphere, great food and great people. If you are coming by cruise ship take the easy walk toward town and onto boardwalk. Jerk wings are tasty...best we have had on any island. Everything they sell is fresh, bought local in the morning. When it's gone it's gone so come early. Heard red snapper is a favorite. This is a new place, only open a few months. Come support the locals. Sent from my LG-G710 using Forums mobile app
  3. THANK YOU for all your experienced info. I'm going to take some more time, think about it and then pick up searching again. Funny search, which I never thought of, came up with our little airport in RI (PVD) as a cheaper flight than out of Boston. We don't mind traveling out through Boston or even NYC, but coming home after the vacation, the appeal of landing 15 min away is catching my eye!
  4. We are cruising March/April 2019 Sydney to Singapore on RC Explorer of the Seas I have spent hours/days looking at all the options of flights: where layovers are, long vs short layovers, days of the week to travel, price, etc. I've mostly been using Kayak and SkyScanner for research My current thought is to book a round trip ticket from BOS to SINGAPORE; travel to Vietnam for a few days(there are $50 flights there), and then Vietnam to Sydney; Then after cruise Singapore to BOS. One I'm looking for anyone's opinions on stop over cities(some are overnight, some are 8 or 12 hours during the day which would give us another "excursion" day in a new place: Amsterdam(on KLM), Dubai(Emirates) Bangkok, London, and others. Also looking for opinions on trying to go for quickest flight with short stop over, vs spending the day/night off a plane. A particular airline you had great experience with for long haul flight? We started doing research on visas as well, but if anyone has any recent experience or tips let me know. I've looked into Business Class tickets, but decided we will go economy and spend the money saved on another cruise! Any other thoughts/opinions you have please share. THANK YOU
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