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  1. thank you! Sea temperature of 79 is not bad. I guess we will bring our snorkels! Now just deciding if it's worth it to rent jet skis for one hour for $436.
  2. Oh. I hope not. Right now weather is showing partly cloudy and 78 for Christmas Day - which is the day of our stop! Just curious about water temps and swimming.
  3. LOL! I didn't say I wouldn't enjoy! That's beautiful weather! I actually don't like it too hot. But, I am bringing my teens and trying to decide if it's worth renting jet ski's and snorkeling. I don't like swimming in cold water!! You're funny!
  4. I see that the temps in the area seem to be in the high 70's. As I look at the excursions, I am wondering if I should stay away from swimming/snorkeling because it may be a bit too cold? Does anyone have experience with activities at this time of year?
  5. Well that's good news! Thank you! I guess we should all download the app before we go. I was waiting.
  6. I heard it was going away soon...cruising in less than one week. Wondering if we will still have Royal IQ? I am hoping to use iMessage 😞
  7. They have been on a cruise. I don't know how much they want to disconnect...I guess we will find out! Our drink package was included, so it will cost us$14.99/day.
  8. 2 at minimum. 2 older teens sharing a room. I could go without or share for sure. Still for the two....$258. I realize the rule of numbers, but I don't agree with the costs. Especially when they go up and down depending on the sailing and promotions. It's something I do want to get, but am spending my time waiting for promotions. I don't need it on port days as much as sea days...but we can't pick and choose unless we buy daily passes I guess.
  9. I understand, but then charge reasonable amounts for the "extras". I am spending so much time researching because the amounts are so high that it's ridiculous. $360 for a family of 4 to have baseline internet is too much! That's almost 3 months of my monthly Verizon bill for LTE.
  10. Hi! The Bahamas Rum Cake Factory and many other shops will be closed for Boxing Day on December 26th. I contacted the Rum Cake factory and the manager offered to open up for 30 minutes from 10 a.m till 10:30 a.m. so people can purchase their rum cakes! So, they want to know if anyone is going to come in during that time. Unfortunately, I can't because I am booked on an excursion, but I am still putting out the word and seeing responses for them. They were nice enough to offer....
  11. Still outrageous right? They should just offer different levels of prices all inclusive. I hate the nickel and dime stuff. Takes away from the excitement before the cruise.
  12. I don't really think I have a choice. I just can't spend that much for Internet. It's ridiculous. In the worst case scenario, I am hoping they still offer day passes and I would buy a couple of those to float between a couple of days. I was watching prices and thought they might go down before our sailing, but it doesn't seem like that's the case.
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