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  1. I appreciate all info and suggestions, whether it's good or bad.. This was our first time going on a cruise, so we did not know how important it was too take all documentation.. We both work allot and havent found the time to travel yet , like I said I had it together either way I just left it behind.... I placed everything else in my marriage license envelop but the BC cause I found it the day before our wedding. I know now too make copies and start packing in advance and use a checklist... It's a tough lesson to learn.. It just sucks my mom losing out on almost $1000.. But it's my fault.. Thanks again everyone for all the advice..
  2. We got married on 11-2-18 & our honeymoon was the very next day 11-3-18.. We we're so excited my mother paid for our trip as a gift... Our very 1st trip ever so we could have a honeymoon cause she swears that there is nothing like being on a cruise ship.. Cause she is an ongoing cruisader.. Being that we were tight on money because of the wedding she spent her hard earned money for our trip... The morning of our trip we didn't get much sleep because of our wedding and then the excitement of our honeymoon.. We live abt 5 hours away we left early and in such a rush trying to get everything together... Our trip to Galveston took longer cause there was so much traffic but we finally made it.. My mother dropped us off and as we get there and go through the process.. I realize I didn't have our birth certificates in hand.. I don't know how I managed to leave them behind I guess with everything I had going on I had left them behind.. I couldn't believe it... I looked at my now husband and I cried as they took us to a different part called document recovery ... I was in such a rush and full of excitement I left it behind.. I had my marriage license I had my shot records and left my birth certificate at home right next to where my purse was.... I told them my mom could send a picture but she had to get home from Galveston, which meant 5 hrs later.. Instead they told me it would not work.. I begged and ask if there was anyway they would let us take our honeymoon.. And they said no... Instead they handed me a Denial of Boarding Information.. I cried and told my husband it was my fault I didn't mean to leave it behind.. because of me we can't go and enjoy our honeymoon.. and I apologized.. I guess with all the wedding stress from these passed months leading up to the wedding I mean we literally did everything ourselves and the next day having everything ready as possible and leaving the birth certificates behind right next to my purse.. I called the 1800 number they gave me too call, in hope I could get the chance to still go on the cruise we wouldnt be able to pay for again in a very long time but I didn't have any luck instead more disappointment.. My mom lost out on her hard earned money and I lost out on a honeymoon for my husband and I.. If there is any way I could get another chance to have the honeymoon of our dreams plz tell me how or what I have to do.. the devastion of having to call my mom and tell her to turn around and pick us up and she lost out on all of that money that she worked so hard for.. I cried and apologized to her.. I'm glad I'm married now but that week was one of the most stressful and the biggest disappointment... I wouldnt be able to plan another trip like this for a long time beings we have the debt of the wedding.. I just wish there was another way.. and the ppl in the document recovery we're a little more sympathetic for the ppl they are denying..
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