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  1. Saw you as we passed by. We were really moving!
  2. Last night something serious happened on Royal Princess. At 4:30 am there was a ship wide security announcement broadcast directly into the cabins. Security personnel was told to gather on deck 7. Another announcement was made shortly after that only broadcast in the halls and common areas. This morning as we docked in Aruba the captain came on the announcement channel and said that there was a serious incident and no one could leave as local authorities were coming onboard. 6 or 7 local police officers arrived but they were wearing all black with police on their backs. They got on the ship around 8:15 AM Around 8:45 two forensics vans showed up and two technicians went aboard. All morning they have been frantically paging people from lido deck and have security set up outside the hallway to the forward lido rooms They also have the promenade deck port side roped off with caution tape. All the police are now in the symphony dining room on deck 5. Does anyone else have any information what happened?
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