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  1. Is this a terrible location my me, my husband and 3 year old? Some time will be spent there for naptime, otherwise we will be exploring. It is worth trying to upgrade? TIA
  2. Carnival Breeze. 7 days. St. Thomas. Puerto Rico, Turks and caicos and Dominican Republic
  3. Hello! I'll be going on my first ever cruise in March with my husband and 3 year old. Any useful tips would be greatly appreciated! We are used to all inclusive resorts and this seems a bit more involved. Lots of things to consider. Thanks in advance!
  4. Im considering this excursion with my 3 year old. Is this unreasonable? It it with it? Thanks!
  5. I was wondering if this was a reasonable excursion with a 3 year old. Is it best to book ahead of time? How is the travel to get there? Thanks!
  6. We are heading to St Thomas in March from carnival breeze. Was wondering if this was a reasonable excursion with a 3 year old? Planned on check out coral world and then relaxing on beach. Would we have trouble finding transportation?
  7. I'm looking for the best/quickest transportation options after or cruise in port canaveral to Melbourne airport. It will be me, my husband and 3 year old. Thanks
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