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  1. Just an update. We ended up in two of the suites on the very back of the Countess. I think the Duchess is going to be similar. The noise was not bad at all in that area of the ship. It didn't even keep my Mother-in-law from sleeping and she's a light sleeper so we were concerned. There was some noise and vibration but it was more in the vein of white noise and she actually said she sleep very well.
  2. This one I did not do as a cruise tour, but you can do it as a cruise tour out of Cozumel. Parque Xcaret is amazing. Swimming in an underground cave, seeing their aquarium that does rescue work for several animals including sea turtles and rays, and doing Sea Trek there was just beyond amazing. And if you've done that one do Xplor or Xenses next time. Xenses has a sensory thing where you walk through different regions of Mexico in the dark that is pretty intense. Xplor has souped up gokarts you drive through the jungle and more caves to swim in.
  3. The HOHO buses are not technically running at this time. Currently they're going to carry only half capacity on the buses at any one time for one thing meaning it will take longer to get everyone to the provided excursions. Secondarily they don't want people "breaking the bubble". By bubble they mean everyone on the ship plus the HOHO drivers and anyone pax may come in contact with during the provided excursions is tested to ensure no spread of covid as much as possible. They could not offer that level of security if they let anyone just wander off wherever they like. A
  4. Sounds like you will make a well dressed pair perfect for dinner any night on the ship.
  5. I don't personally have experience and our cruise isn't until next week, but u/Floriduh posted up a review of his experience on the American Countess sampler cruise here. Quoting from his report: Wheelchair access: Once on the ship there are no issues with my wife's scooter. Getting on and off the ship for boarding, excursions and debarkation was nearly impossible. The staff was always there and willing to help, but it was bigger than that. Four inch thick water hoses in front of the debarkation ramp meant my wife's scooter had to be lifted over the hose. And they are not ligh
  6. You should probably read this review of a Lower Mississippi cruise on the Countess. He specifically mentions difficulties navigating getting on and off the ship at some of the stops due to cables, but said crew helped them. He also mentions a train track being a bit of an issue at one stop. Another thing he mentions is the HOHO buses are not running currently as part of the Covid strategy with no idea how long before the return. From seeing a review with the owner of the line on Youtube it sounds like they've cut the HOHO buses to encourage passengers not to mingle with too many ot
  7. Is the paddle wheel fixed on the Duchess? We were supposed to sail on the Duchess in one of those cabins back in March of last year. Our cruise was the first cruise American Queen Steamboat canceled so we did not get to sail, but we did find out there had been some major part of the paddlewheel break so we weren't likely to have it working for our cruise from someone here on Cruise Critic. I don't know whether to assume they used the time out of service to repair it or they waited since they didn't have money coming in so I have no answer. As far as noise level goes again can't sp
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I tried them on with a couple of my outfits last night and if you don't look too closely and kind of squint your eyes they almost look dressy enough what with them being so sparkly.
  9. Thank you I'm sure we will! Do you mean the post from U/Floriduh who was on Countess for the Sampler Cruise when they started sailing again in early April? So many changes due to Covid but it sounds like they have things well in hand.
  10. I would say that was probably me, sorry, but we always go dancing after dinner so it definitely wasn't me just sitting. 🤣 I've given up completely on any sort of hose finally. I just rub some fake tan on my legs prior to the cruise and hope I tan as the fake tan rubs off. I've definitely done a few cruise don'ts in many people's books. On Caribbean cruises I take some nice summery cotton maxi dresses and wear those to dinner instead of a formal. Even on formal night I haven't had a problem getting into the dining room and most cruises most of the women I see are similarly dressed,
  11. If you are still looking try Walmart. I just got two of those packable daypacks for $3 each on clearance. They're smallish backpacks made of pretty thin fabric that you can squash into the inside pocket of the backpack. I was able to get two beach towels and a dry change for my hubby and I in them. Besides the generous inner pocket they've got a zippered front pocket. I rolled up our wet suits in the beach towels and put my book in the front zip pocket. It did not get damp.
  12. Packing for my first river cruise next week and I am beyond excited. The cruise line I'm cruising on is American Queen Steamboat Company and reports are dinner is country club casual. No jeans, shorts, or flip flops, but otherwise quite casual. Husband is all set with khakis and polo shirts but I've been back and forth over what to take. I've got some nice slacks in navy or black and a houndstooth jacket that looks good with any one of several jewel tone tops. My question is do you think it would be acceptable to wear them with my black glitter vans so I don't have to pack my heels
  13. Haven't looked at Celebrity Edge so now I'm curious what they've done. We've been looking at an Oceania cruise for 2022 or 2023 but haven't quite had the nerve to bite the bullet. Those ships sure do look marvelous but we'd really like to do a Med cruise. So much goings on in the EU regarding when cruises will restart and if they'll be allowed in certain places they previously sailed to like Venice. I can appreciate the reasons for the concern in Venice but hate to book without knowing what's what.
  14. I saw a new story that said Pfizer vaccine has proved not to have significant risk of asymptomatic carriers in a study of people who were vaccinated with it early. Moderna vaccine showed a 2/3rds drop in asymptomatic carriers after the first dose in early testing.
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