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  1. Edinburgh Military Tattoo is just amazing! I hope we get to go back to Edinburgh someday. Spent a week there a couple of years ago and it was far from enough. Would be nice if we had enough time to make it up to Scara Brae this time, too.
  2. Thank you to all who posted. So many wonderful additions to my bucket list. Not quite a tour but we took a cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico and so enjoyed the visit we've returned three times now for week long vacations. We were in the planning stages to take the kids and grandkids when the Rona hit. Wonderful place with great people, great beaches, an entire town centered around restaurants serving the most succulent roast pig you ever ate, coffee plantations in the mountains you can tour, and about a zillion other wonderful things to recommend it. Took a tour on our way from London down to board our ship in Southampton which stopped at Bath and Stonehenge along the way. Watching the sun setting behinds Stonehenge was an experience I don't think I'll ever forget.
  3. We've gone back and done vacations at several locations we previously cruised to or near to, though not all of them were Caribbean islands. We'd definitely do Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Rico, Curacao, and St. Thomas. Maybe Aruba after all of those. Kind of funny seeing this question when I was just looking at a new resort being built on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques.
  4. I stayed at Sandals in Jamaica both before it was a Sandals and after. Great place but we just don't like Jamaica that well. We've booked vacations in Puerto Rico and Playa Del Carmen to fill the place of our canceled cruises. Our Playa Del Carmen vacation is scheduled for September and we have our fingers crossed. Good luck and safe travels to all.
  5. If you can get him in it I want to see photos! 🤣
  6. I didn't vote because it depends. I do have a pretty nice formal gown I purchased because it packs well and I do take it along. All the recent cruises were Caribbean cruises, though, and I only wore it mostly to get some good out of it a couple of times. Few women on any of those wore actual formal gowns. I can probably count the number of men I saw in a tux on one hand for all of them. Most men wear slacks and a dress shirt or Mexican wedding shirt with khakis. I see a lot of dark jeans, too. Most women wear nice maxi dresses or sun dresses. I always see a good few women in cocktail dresses which are different to formal gowns and there are always a good few getting another wear out of their prom gown. I just don't think it matters that much anymore on Caribbean cruises. I think people should wear what they want within reason and not bother what others are wearing. I think shorts and a wife beater ought to be turned away, but I don't mind the maxi dresses or the men in dark jeans and a dress shirt. For something like a transatlantic where the entertainment is being on the ship I can see at least requiring a jacket I think. I could see seating one floor or area of the dining room with only those wearing formal wear on most cruises. When I looked up the most recent version of the Cruise Compass for our next planned cruise which is another Caribbean it said something along the lines of dressing up suggested which I think is what is reasonable for most people. Outside of cruising I haven't needed a formal gown in years just like most everyone else. I think they should make it fun for those who want to dress up and let the rest just be dressy but not formal. I can see my spouse and I dressing up on some cruises just for the fun of it but most times we're happy to be able to relax and enjoy our meal.
  7. There was last we cruised out of San Juan. It was like a very condensed duty free shop at an airport. Many people got their wine at the CVS in Old San Juan because it was cheaper and more selection, but they had a fair selection at the port, too. However this was before Maria and before Covid so hopefully you get a reply from someone who has sailed out of San Juan more recently. YMMV whether they'll care you have it at boarding is the best answer you can get. They did not care even when people bought hard liquor there on our cruise, but I have heard others say theirs was confiscated.
  8. Sorry if this has been posted before but I ran across this post: https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-ceo-admits-i-dont-know-when-well-sail-again/ Where Carnival is back-peddling hard on having said they would be cruising in August. The most I could find on Royal was they've said they're canceling all Alaskan, Canadian, and New England cruises through October. We have a Caribbean cruise out of Galveston scheduled for October 25th which was scheduled before all this started. If they'd let us move our drink package and reset our final payment date to 2021 when we lift and shift we would lift and shift it to October of next year. Has anyone had any luck doing that with a lift and shift or would we need to pay in full and get a refund for our drink plan and re-buy?
  9. I hope the Victory Casino cruises and the American Cruise Line and American Queen Steamboat Company cruises go well. If they do it will help the others get approval I bet. The casino near me has opened back up. I hear they took out every other slot machine to allow for social distancing. They must be doing some other sort of limiting as well I think. The parking lots are barely half full.
  10. I haven't had to take any allergy medicine this spring due to mask wearing. I normally suffer from seasonal allergies every spring to a degree which requires me to take allergy medication for around 5 weeks. Sometimes a little more depending on weather and when everything blooms. I have another round of seasonal allergies every fall. I'm hoping mask wearing becomes socially acceptable because I am definitely planning wear a mask every spring and fall. I made myself a few extra just for that reason. I'm an essential worker and my work is requiring masks. I have contact with 300-500 people per week at my work. I also wear a mask when going anywhere else in case I am asymptomatic due to the many people I have contact with in a regular week. I don't care if the require masks on the ships and will wear one if asked. I do have questions about how it would all work out though. A wet mask is going to be far less effective. Even if that weren't the case, a lot of cloth masks are going to stretch when wet leading to people to touching their mask and face. I've seen some that let you drink out of a straw but I've yet to see an effective mask that you can wear while eating. Are they going to close down the pool and slides and make everyone eat in their cabins? I think not. Seems to me based on these issues I along with many others would end up not wearing a mask more than fifty percent of the time at which point what's the point, really?
  11. I think you're in the wrong thread. This is the happy meme's thread.
  12. You're just plain evil. I like you! 😊
  13. No pool just a sun deck. Others can correct me but I think the only AQSC ship with pool is the American Queen. I haven't confirmed this but I do know it has more amenities than the other ships because of the larger size.
  14. That is a lovely jacket, pcur! Very similar to the light jacket I wear with my palazzo pants.
  15. Do you mean photos provided by the cruise line or by people in reviews? I found a bunch of photos of things like the various docks the boats stop at by searching pinterest for pins to whatever dock location or boat I wanted to see. Edit: Hang on do you mean like the formal night photos and photos of cruisers during activities around the ship on ocean cruises? The ones they sell back to you for a mint? I'm going to guess not as I haven't seen anything about it in any of the forums but the AQRC information is kind of sparse on the ground. It may just not have been mentioned rather than not being a thing.
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