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  1. Hey guys I am reading (on royalcaribbean.com) that there is no re-entry test required for Rome, only for Barcelona. Can anyone confirm that? I saw in this thread that all passengers had to get tested even for simple shore excursions due to policy changes of Italy. What about the re-entry – is the information on the Royal page outdated?
  2. Yeah, we are worried about that. The risk of getting sick is really low if you are vaccinated. But the chance of being tested positive is not negligible. Then, you might end up in some crappy quarantine hotel in Spain for 10 days? Sounds like a nightmare to me. 😪
  3. What happens if you get tested positive going back to Barcelona? Will you be allowed to travel home if doing individually (by car)? The thoughts of a positive test are holding us back at the moment… Would have booked October 10.
  4. Do we know something about the occupancy of the ship for the rest of the European season? We are booked on an October cruise and still tempted to go…
  5. Yes, I am aware of that. I bought some when the stock was 30ish, but unfortunately only like 20. So holding 100 shares and showing a screenshot to the indicated mail should be enough.
  6. Can someone out of the US confirm that the shareholder benefit is applicable? We are from Switzerland and hold some shares. Would be nice to get the benefits! What will they accept as proof?
  7. Royal Caribbean has announced very strict rules for the sailings: TLDR: 1) All guests and crew must be vaccinated except kids. 2) Vaccinated guests need to get tested before boarding and after leaving the ship at the Barcelona Cruise Terminal. 3) All kids (2+) need to get tested before boarding, in the middle of the cruise and after leaving the ship in Barcelona. 4) Masks are required on all public spaces except pools and while eating in the restaurant. Source: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?dPort=barcelona
  8. Those vaccines have official (not expedited or emergency) approvals in some countries. Our country (Switzerland) is one of the most advanced countries regarding science (including health care) and two vaccines are offficially approved: Pfizer and Moderna. The process for approval is very strict and thorough. For instance, AstraZeneca has not been approved yet. It looks weird to me that some here are denying the vaccines only because that they haven’t been officially approved in the US FDA yet. While I understand that people are skeptical, we should look at the science. There is a lot of data around, especially from Israel (Pfizer) and the results are better than anyone expected 6 months ago. Take care!
  9. Due to an error on Royal Caribbean’s system, the cruise on July 2 is not listed but bookable by phone! I got the second cabin on the ship and we are excited to join this cruise. As I hoped and suggested, it is an Amsterdam-Iceland cruise. We are really lucky because we wanted to do an Iceland cruise for such a long time and we can only leave town next year in July.
  10. Possible, but very unlikely imo. Charters are more likely in the Mediterranean.
  11. Any idea what's up with Jewel on July 2? There is a gap on the website and in the PDF of 12 days. I'm curious to find out whether there will be another Iceland cruise. As of now, there are 3 British Isles, 2 Arctic Cycles and 1 Iceland cruises.
  12. I totally agree with you OP about some concerns. Of course it is not about a specific date. But the more people have been vaccinated, the more we know about it: Whether it works, if it is safe, if it has side effects etc. I will surely wait for a few months to see how it is going to develop. I suppose that all measurements will still be necessary through 2021, but the infection risk will decrease in half a year due to many factors. For one, there is some small proportion of herd immunity. Then, there is also people who will be vaccinated. The situation is going to improve a lot already if around 50 % get immunity due to a vaccine – it is simple Math to see that. By the way, don't get fooled by media about numbers of positive cases. What counts are the number of hospitalizations and excess death rates (compared to previous years). Statistically, there is not a single doubt that COVID is a big threat for society. Never forget: Maybe you are healthy and young, but the society is always as strong as the weakest.
  13. I completely feel your frustration. We were booked on the June cruise to Norway/Iceland as well. Reading into the matter, I now understand their plan is to reduce the length of the individual cruises. From their point of view it is less likely that people get sick onboard of a < 7 night cruise if you consider the incubation time. This must be why they canceled the Jewel cruises (mostly 12 nighters) and also the Adventure ones. They moved Adventure to the Mediterranean for very short cruises. Speaking about the Baltics cruise, I imagine that they will cancel the Russian ports due to travel restrictions. It is much easier to travel within EU borders these days. Still very sad of course. Let's hope 2022 will be a better year...
  14. I understand that they want to move around some ships. But why would they completely cancel the Jewel cruises (British Isles, Norway-Iceland)? Those itineraries are incredibly popular. Will there be another ship taking over?
  15. With every click on the Royal page, the price goes up $200. At first, it says "from $2500", then you go click on general Balcony cabin, "from $2800", and then you pick the normal Balcony cabin which is the cheapest possible and priced from "$3100". -- me, everytime on royalcaribbean.com
  16. Cheap af compared to other cruises currently offered. But a limited port selection, probably that's why.
  17. Napoli is great. You can go to islands (like Capri), have a local cruise around the Amalfi coast (Amalfi, Sorrento and more), go to the old sights (Pompeii or Ercolano), to cities (Napoli, Salerno or even Rome – 1hr by train), or just go to the beaches. Similar things can be said about Athens, although I personally do not like the city (very hot in summer, ugly flat buildings, and very messy). Of course all the ancient sights are amazing.
  18. Good catch, I just verified with my data and it's indeed missing. It will probably similar to the cruise on 1 October (Rome-Athens-Mykonos-Santorini-Naples-Rome). No problem, mate. We decided on Jewel as well, but on the June 9 (Norway–Iceland). We will probably keep that one unless Explorer or Indy surprises us with a hell of Norway or Iceland cruise.
  19. Anthem visits Norway five times in 2021 from Southampton. And Jewel goes to Norway and Icelands two more times from Amsterdam. I guess that might be it for Europe. And this might be the cruise that "replaces" the arctic cycle cruises: Ultimate Norwegian Fjords Cruise 9 Nights – 11 June Southampton, England Bergen, Norwegen Geiranger, Norwegen Stavanger, Norwegen Oslo, Norwegen Kristiansand, Norwegen One of the Iceland cruises of Jewel is on the 9 June, so also very similar to the usual arctic cycle cruise date.
  20. We are a little disappointed too. Hoped for some Norway or Iceland trips. However, Anthem does a lot more Norway than expected (overnights in Geiranger and Stavanger for example). Maybe she is the replacement for that... On the other hand, I kind of cannot believe there will be no Arctic Cycle cruise anymore. :-p
  21. So what I noticed about Odyssey: - A lot of overnights in Athens and Napoli. - Late stays in Santorini and Mykonos (10 PM or later). - Three cruises to Israel, one in May and two in September, but no overnights in Israel. Usually the last cruises of the year were to Israel, but Odyssey continues some Greek cruises in October. About Adventure: - Unfortunately, no "special" destinations, just the standard baltics tours. - Last Adventure cruise is 22 August so far – more to come?
  22. Summary of the new Europe cruises Adventure: 7 Nights – 16 May Kopenhagen, Dänemark Stockholm, Schweden Tallinn, Estland St. Petersburg, Russland 8 Nights – 30 May Kopenhagen, Dänemark Stockholm, Schweden Tallinn, Estland St. Petersburg, Russland Helsinki, Finnland 10 Nights – 7 June Kopenhagen, Dänemark Riga, Lettland Tallinn, Estland St. Petersburg, Russland Helsinki, Finnland Stockholm, Schweden 10 Nights – 17 June Kopenhagen, Dänemark Berlin (Warnemünde), Deutschland Helsinki, Finnland St. Petersburg, Russland Tallinn, Estland Visby, Schweden Riga, Lettland Stockholm, Schweden 7 Nights – 27 June, 4 July, 11 July, 18 July Stockholm, Schweden St. Petersburg, Russland Helsinki, Finnland Tallinn, Estland Visby, Schweden 11 Nights – 25 July Stockholm, Schweden Helsinki, Finnland St. Petersburg, Russland Tallinn, Estland Riga, Lettland Visby, Schweden Aarhus, Dänemark Kopenhagen, Dänemark 10 Nights – 5 August Kopenhagen, Dänemark Tallinn, Estland St. Petersburg, Russland Helsinki, Finnland Riga, Lettland Visby, Schweden 7 Nights – 15 August Kopenhagen, Dänemark Stockholm, Schweden Helsinki, Finnland St. Petersburg, Russland 9 Nights – 22 August Kopenhagen, Dänemark Stockholm, Schweden Helsinki, Finnland St. Petersburg, Russland Tallinn, Estland Odyssey: 12 Nights – 9 May Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien Jerusalem (Aschdod), Israel Haifa, Israel Ephesus (Kusadasi), Türkei Athen (Piräus), Griechenland Neapel (Capri), Italien 9 Nights – 21 May Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien Santorin, Griechenland Athen (Piräus), Griechenland Mykonos, Griechenland Neapel (Capri), Italien 7 Nights – 30 May, 6 June, 13 June, 4 July, 11 July, 18 July, 25 July, 1 August, 8 August, 15 August, 22 August Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien Santorin, Griechenland Mykonos, Griechenland Athen (Piräus), Griechenland Neapel (Capri), Italien 7 Nights – 20 June, 27 June Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien Santorin, Griechenland Ephesus (Kusadasi), Türkei Mykonos, Griechenland Neapel (Capri), Italien 12 Nights – 7 September Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien Athen (Piräus), Griechenland Haifa, Israel Jerusalem (Aschdod), Israel Rhodos, Griechenland Ephesus (Kusadasi), Türkei Neapel (Capri), Italien 12 Nights – 19 September Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien Athen (Piräus), Griechenland Rhodos, Griechenland Ephesus (Kusadasi), Türkei Jerusalem (Aschdod), Israel Haifa, Israel Neapel (Capri), Italien 9 Nights – 1 October Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien Athen (Piräus), Griechenland Mykonos, Griechenland Santorin, Griechenland Neapel (Capri), Italien 9 Nights – 10 October Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien Athen (Piräus), Griechenland Mykonos, Griechenland Santorin, Griechenland Neapel (Capri), Italien 9 Nights – 19 October Rom (Civitavecchia), Italien Mykonos, Griechenland Santorin, Griechenland Athen (Piräus), Griechenland Neapel (Capri), Italien
  23. I observed the same thing at another cruise a year ago. My conclusion was: - Suite staterooms always get sold. I would not bet on the assumption that they will be open for 2 people. - Balcony staterooms are sometimes still available very short prior to the cruise. At one specific cruise they blocked many balcony cabins for 3 people until a few weeks before the cruise. Then suddenly like 100 cabins were available again. We were lucky and switched to one of these.
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