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  1. During our Dec 10th sailing on Serenade there was a passenger with a pekenese dog for “emotional support”. Never had the dog in a working jacket, let everyone pet and play with the dog, and only had a tag, which you can get anywhere, to verify it was a working dog. SO fake.... That’s what gives real working dogs a bad name. Smh 🙄 Eric ”Nubz”
  2. Just got off Serenade today. Ronato is the AD with Andrea as CD on there right now. I’m a virgin cruiser but thought they did an ok job. I was a little disappointed as I spoke with Andrea about a backstage tour, I do production work, which he said he would set up and that never materialized after our conversation. I’m not one of those who complain about stuff like that, things happen and he gets busy, so I understand. Maybe next time.... Nubz
  3. Anybody know any info on Andrea????? Good,bad, ugly??? We're sailing on Monday and not sure what to expect... Eric "Nubz"
  4. We're sailing on Monday, any good info on the new CD??? Good??? I heard that Carly B was very good! TIA for any news or info you can share. Best, Eric "Nubz"
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