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  1. Does anyone know what sodas/drinks are available for purchase at the vending machine on the other side of security (after the bottle check) at the Manhattan cruise terminal?
  2. The Dawn has unisex locker rooms?
  3. I guarantee you they'd prefer cash to nuts and candy.
  4. If the cruise director sang Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah over the PA at 7:30am on a ship I was on, I'd ask the captain to have him arrested.
  5. Those girls would be disappointed. Scott is engaged to a fella'.
  6. They're trying to attract and keep my business - not vice versa.
  7. You'd think NCL wouldn't be so bitchy about this. Wouldn't they prefer people booking far in advance versus waiting until the last minute for a price drop? At least if you know that if there's a drop, they'll throw you a bone and at least cough up a little OBC, you could book in advance with more confidence.
  8. It is after final payment, and you're incorrect. There are occasions when NCL offers some OBC to compensate for a price drop, though not usually the full amount.
  9. I know this topic is only slightly less overdone than "Can I bring water on the ship" and "How much to tip the butler" but bear with me. I booked a BX balcony on an upcoming Escape cruise. I got very lucky in snagging one of the FOUR cabins on the ship that are actually assigned BX category balconies. As you probably know, 99% of people who book BX balconies do it under GTY status, so they all get upgraded to other categories. I've done that in the past, and when there was a price drop, NCL refused to budge with any OBC or any other compensation using the argument that, "You were already given an upgrade wit your current room assignment." BX is considered the lowest category, so if you book it as a GTY and then get assigned a room, NCL considers that an upgrade. Herein lies the rub. THEY CAN'T USE THAT LINE ON ME. This cruise looks very undersold, so I bet there will be another price drop for BX balconies. However I'm one of the very few people who can say I booked as a BX, I'm still confirmed as a BX, but now the identical booking is _________ dollars less than when I made mine. I know NCL isn't contractually obligated to offer me a damn thing, but I'm wondering if they'd be at all willing to at least cough up some OBC or something when it's a price drop for the same category that you booked, and you're NOT looking for any kind of room upgrade (I want to stay where I am). Any helpful experiences or insights?
  10. The upsell number has gone the way of lobster and fireworks.
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