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  1. What? No water cannons? No welcoming ceremony? The title should be Port Everglades snubs the Apex.
  2. I think the message is that they don't expect the US to be open for foreign visitors during 2021 or at least most of 2021. This is one of the most realistic things Royal has done since they stopped cruising. I'm not even sure when the Canadian border will be opened.
  3. I'm not sure I agree with suggestion that airlines are safe because only 19 passengers can link their Covid exposure to the airlines. I'll suggest that the contact tracing hasn't been developed to track people on aircraft. For me I think a cruise ship is safer than an aircraft. If the guidelines for potential exposure are 6 ft for more than 15 minutes. I can control that on a cruise ship. I can social distance myself from others and limit my time around any individual that I don't know. I have no control for social distance on an aircraft. I am seated next to people I don't know at small distances for hours at a time. Even with the middle seat open it's around 2 ft separation.
  4. I'm just glad that no one has suggested reducing the capacity of the pool.
  5. You should have asked some of the crew sitting around outside.
  6. The execution of the Infinite Veranda on the Edge and Apex is terrible and I have no desire to cruise on any ship in that class.
  7. I've been trying to figure out what happens if you are denied boarding at the port because you failed a Covid test. You can get a 100% FCC if you cancel more than 48 hours ahead of time but this wouldn't cover you at the port. It appears to me that Royal has a "Cancellation Penalty Waiver Program" where you can get a 100% cash refund under certain conditions. Cancellation Penalty Waiver.…............................................................Cash Refund Up To Total Cruise Vacation Cost This Cancellation Penalty Waiver is an addendum to your cruise ticket contract. Through the Travel Protection Program, Royal Caribbean International will waive their standard cancellation provision and refund to you IN CASH the otherwise non-refundable value of the unused portion of your prepaid cruise vacation, should you or your traveling companion need to cancel your cruise vacation for any one of the following reasons (subject to the restrictions noted below*). 1. sickness, injury, or death of yourself, a traveling companion or members of either of your immediate families, which is diagnosed and treated by a physician at the time your cruise vacation is terminated; 2. involvement in a traffic accident, en route to departure, that causes you to miss your cruise; 3. your home is made uninhabitable by a natural disaster such as fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane or volcano; 4. you are called into active duty by the military to provide aid or relief as a result of a natural disaster; 5. subpoena or being called to serve for jury duty. This looks to me like this would cover you being denied boarding at the port and looks to me to be a good reason to purchase the cruise line insurance.
  8. That's assuming that international guests will be permitted on cruise ships from the US when cruising resumes.
  9. Crown and Anchor status will be the determining factor when the need to make a decision who will sail
  10. Looks like another $1 Billion sitting idle in the Caribbean
  11. Amazon pick-up for the Empress in Souda
  12. Majesty is leaving the harbor, I wonder if she'll hang around the Empress. Maybe sea trials for the new owner.
  13. I don't want to get too far off track, but a quick thought on the glacier trek. We took the shorter version of the trek a couple of years ago and it was one of our most memorable excursions. Perhaps you have done detailed research into these excursions, but I have a word of warning about the physical requirements for these excursions. I thought the word trek meant the helicopter laded on the glacier and you walked around. Not exactly. Before you leave you are outfitted with a parka, boots, crampons and an ice axe. Even on the shorter tour you are doing some serious hiking up and down some steeper hills, over cracks and numerous areas of uneven footing. The longer tour was even more strenuous. It's a great excursion, but please understand the physical requirements. I hope cruising resumes again next summer, enjoy your trip.
  14. As a starter, I think most use their screen names for identification. If I'm on hhe cruise, just stop by the pool and shout "Pee, Pee" and I'll raise my hand and we can meet for a drink.
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