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  1. The Silhouette replaced the grass areas by the Sunset bar with additional seating areas, a nice additions. Looking at some of the pictures from the Equinox, it appears the Equinox still has the grass areas by the Sunset Bar.
  2. Since no one is flying, I hope they can use the time to speed up the update and modifications of the Delta Terminal at FLL.
  3. Wow, that was good for a laugh. My 2021 cruises are a lot more expensive and my 2022 are a little more expensive. I really can't see many new bookings at these rates.
  4. Maybe we live in a different wold now. If you get sick on the ship and then you tell the truth, perhap's you'll be responsible for costs and may be liable if others get infected from you.
  5. What's the cabin number and type of cabin? This looks very nice.
  6. We are Elite and I really miss the nightly meetings in the Sky Lounge. I love seeing where the ship is going, having a few glasses of wine and meeting some new friends. What do you miss?
  7. The question isn't do all passengers have OBC but does the TA provide additional OBC as an incentive to book with them.
  8. I have used a TA consistently for the last several years. You shouldn't consider the 7% to be part of any group rate offered by the TA, the 7% is on top of the group rate. All TA's can provide the additional OBC it's not just the large TA's. I am also aware of several small TA's that provide all of the services that you describe and provide additional refundable OBC. I think you can do better than using a TA that doesn't provide competitive OBC. But the bottom line is, if you are comfortable that's all that matters. Enjoy your cruises
  9. I mystified that people don't understand that getting additional OBC or gift cards doesn't make your cruise cheaper. Let me give you an example. Let's say a cruise cost $1000 and you have $70 of refundable OBC. The cost for my cruise $1000 -$70 = $930 The cost for someone without any refundable OBC is $1000. My cruise is $70 cheaper and your cruise has the TA being $70 richer. My cruise was cheaper.
  10. Going forward, I will try to avoid being packed into a crowd.
  11. I guess it depends on how you view additional OBC or gift cards at the end of the cruise. If I get an additional 7% back in some form of payment, then I view that as cheaper. 7% is a rough estimate, some are a little higher and some are a little lower. An additional 7% is expensive to me.
  12. I'm not going to start a back and forth, but I'm not having a bad day and there certainly wasn't anything "jerky" in my response. I agree we can have differences of opinion. From my perspective, I think you may be a little sensitive because someone is suggesting that you may not be getting a good deal from your TA. My opinion is that you are paying a lot for things that are a marginal benefit to me. It's great if they benefit you and you find it a fair value. Just not for me and many other people. I think I'm able to handle all of things you mention without paying an additional 7%. Enjoy your cruises.
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