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  1. That's a good hint but a better one is that if you don't like the location say no the first night and go back to the entrance and request a different table.
  2. ipeeinthepool

    Ft Lauderdale Airport delays

    From our experience, Delta used to enforce this 2 hour check-in rule several years ago but hasn't done this in recent years. We have always found that they never enforce the rule for curbside check-in outside. Check your bags outside, tip the skycap a few dollars and then go to the gate. I hope it still works.
  3. ipeeinthepool

    Uber/LYFT from MIA to Hilton Ft Lauderdale Marina

    You'll be just fine for the 10:30 flight if you can do the Express Departure and walk-off with your own luggage. The taxi fare is only about $15 and there's a line of taxis as soon as you exit the terminal. For me it's a lot easier and quicker and you avoid the hassle of finding the Uber driver.
  4. ipeeinthepool

    Ultimate America’s back to back cruise

    I have never heard about any "Ultimate B2B", can you provide more details?
  5. ipeeinthepool

    Is it just the Celebrity Board?

    Does that other site have a body part in it's name?
  6. ipeeinthepool

    Is it just the Celebrity Board?

    Thanks for the replies. Things seem ok in the morning and in the late afternoon the server seems to fall apart. I wonder if this is just another change CC made after the update.
  7. ipeeinthepool

    Is it just the Celebrity Board?

    The Celebrity Board has almost become unusable. It seems like about half the time the system is unavailable and it kicks me out. It's becoming a lot less fun. I keep hoping it will get fixed, but it only seems to get worse.
  8. ipeeinthepool

    Millennium Revolution -

    Excellent, Enjoy your cruise
  9. ipeeinthepool

    Millennium Revolution -

    Do you really look forward to a cruise where you need to find ways to cope with the changes? Sure it may be a little thing, but after a while all of those little things add up and you start wondering "What were they thinking?"
  10. ipeeinthepool


    I'm sure he is because he has many of the same attributes as the people you listed.
  11. ipeeinthepool


    You forgot to include one of my friends, Guy who trolls others on CC
  12. ipeeinthepool


    Rules are for the other guy. Like smuggling booze aboard the ship
  13. ipeeinthepool


    Try to find evidence of vaping on your balcony. As long as you don't hang over the rail so the cameras can see you, it's undetectable.
  14. ipeeinthepool


    cigarettes? cigars? or vaping?
  15. ipeeinthepool

    Favorite Drink ON CELEBRITY?????

    That's good. I agree