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  1. If you use corrective lenses, I would suggest that you get your own mask with lenses with the appropriate correction. You can get a decent mask for your snorkeling trips at a reasonable price. You will be amazed at how much more enjoyable the snorkeling trip is when you can see better. I would also purchase my own snorkel, they are light and also reasonably priced and you won't wonder if someone cleaned it. I would ask, why they don't provide fins.
  2. Ok, I stand corrected. I always stopped after reading the portion were it says no heating elements. I'm not sure it makes sense to me, but it's apparently ok.
  3. You will not be allowed to use your hair dryer onboard, it will likely be confiscated. There is a hair dryer supplied in your cabin. All of the outlets are located together.
  4. Don't get involved with the Celebrity Tours in St Petersburg. There are several good tour companies, SPB, Alla, TJ, that offer very good tours with small groups that are cheaper than Celebrity. Go to your Roll call and there may already be some people there organizing the groups. If you mention Cruise Critic with any of these companies and they'll likely give you a discount. We used SPB and they were excellent. The buses were 15 -18 people and we often seemed to get cuts in most attractions and seldom waited in lines. Several times we walked past Celebrity tours waiting in lines. We also used SPB in a couple of other cities. Enjoy the trip.
  5. One of the questions that LLP addressed earlier this week was the question of someone from Celebrity providing an response to some questions. LLP indicated that she would forward the issue to someone in the social media department and perhaps they could participate in some of the discussions on CC. If I was taking the lead on finding an answer to this question, I would reach out to Celebrity OeTouch and ask the question. Celebrity seems to be fairly responsive to the OneTouch approach. It appears that Celebrity thinks it's better to address specific questions with individual cruisers than try to answer global questions. Perhaps that's a better approach to customer satisfaction, i.e. to spend their time actually helping customers.
  6. This thread is a good example of a case where someone from Celebrity should respond to this thread. I understand that someone from the social media group can't respond to every individual issue, but Celebrity should be able to respond to policy questions. "Thanks and have a great rest of your day."
  7. Maybe it's just me, but this furniture is ridiculous. This looks like some kid's furniture from the doll house and has to be the most uncomfortable balcony furniture at sea. I can't believe they replaced the dinette style table with this thing.
  8. I'll be surprised if there are any foot stools available on the Edge.
  9. I think some of you should go back and re-read the posts. We learned: 1) Celebrity will consider a laundry package, 2) Celebrity is strongly considering going back to Labadee 3) The Edge has a number of different balcony designs so it should not be a problem if you don't like IV balconies 4) If you want a footstool just ask your stateroom attendant and he/she will get one 5) No LNG ships in the plan 6) that one person isn't violating the Jones Act
  10. There are a lot of us on the Silhouette next February that got caught up in the same dry dock problem at Freeport and had a cruise cancelled. Some of actually had 2 cruises cancelled due to schedule changes. Many of us are still booked on the first cruise after dry dock on February 14, 2020. Can you join us on the new Revolutionize Silhouette?
  11. Has Celebrity cancelled any of your trip?
  12. I think Celebrity has dedicated teams that support some of the large TA's. I use a big box TA and while I was trying to resolve an issue with my next cruise I was told that they needed to contact someone from the STAR Team to resolve the issue. This is apparently a group within Celebrity that was dedicated to supporting the TA.
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