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  1. Sorry for the delay. My lack of photos is proof of the on board internet performance... Rooms were upgraded with new carpet, new sofas, a leather covered desk chair and an addition: each suite now has a granite occasional/coffee table in front of the sofa. They did nothing to the bathrooms. Sorry. All new paint on the exterior. You can still smell it. New carpet everywhere. Very nice. They totally updated the show lounge. I'm doing this on my mobile and will try to comment more later.
  2. Here are some photos of La Terraza.
  3. I wanted to upload photos quickly.
  4. What excellent advice, Stumblefoot. I appreciate the insight.
  5. Pash and Les37b, thank you so much for the advice. Sounds like I need a larger suitcase for the trip... I'll be excited to update photos for everyone!
  6. We are on the Wind departing 12/29 and I'll do my best to post photos and let everyone know how she looks! Meantime, I would appreciate some advice: I am trying to minimize clothing and formal night is (obviously) 12/31. Will I be under-dressed (I'm a male) if I wear a dressy sportcoat with a black bowtie? Or will the majority of people be wearing tuxedos or dark suits? I appreciate any insight that anyone can provide. Thank you in advance!
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