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  1. Definitely not me. I wear my Padres hat on gala nights :).
  2. Is this list just of VIP comments? I'm definitely not on it then :). If not, I'm trying to recall what comments I may have written regarding past HAL cruises. Knowing myself pretty well by now, they probably had something to do with service levels declining over the years on HAL (as with other mainstream lines). Does this mean I might be 'flagged' for special treatment on a future cruise, or avoided by staff as I might expect too much by today's standards ? Actually, I tend to just go with the flow unless something or someone is way out of line.
  3. Exactly! They know the odds are in their favor, and that sooner or later they will come out ahead.
  4. That's one thing we like about the afternoon movies--they generally aren't as crowded as other venues on the ship!
  5. I have no doubt that will be at least a part of how they will use this technology. They wouldn't be investing $$$$ in it if there weren't a profit motive for Princess. They will determine underutilized and/or undermonetized areas and make them more profitable.
  6. I think the problem is that Princess announced the "next big thing" without giving enough in the way of hard facts. So people read between the lines and jump to conclusions. But Princess has really brought it on themselves, to some degree.
  7. In-N-Out for us also! Then to a favorite Chinese or Mexican restaurant for the meal after that.
  8. I've sailed in B215 on the Golden and was concerned it was too far forward, but I had no issues at all with excessive ship movement. She handled the seas well. I'd take the Caribe balcony upgrade in a heartbeat!
  9. Great idea! We usually just request a two-top and hope for the best.
  10. I'm not clear on whether or not CC uses their separate MDR area for breakfast and lunch also, or do they mix with the other passengers in the regular dining areas for those meals? If so, do they have to wait if there is a line, or do they have walk-in privileges as at dinner?
  11. Or will staff now be pressured (or given quotas) to push services outside their areas? In other words, will waiters now be required to offer you a spa menu as well as a dinner menu and ask to take your "order"? Time will tell...
  12. Having worked in health care for many years, I would still recommend wearing a medical alert bracelet or anklet with allergies listed. That way if the medallion system is down or otherwise inaccessible in an emergency you'd still be okay. Medical staff should be trained to look for medical alert bracelets.
  13. I hated seeing all those unsold photos wasted. I'm wondering if you will view and order photos from a kiosk or from your cabin TV? Or both? I just hope they don't require you to download an app to a device to do it.
  14. Did he say what will be eliminated to add the library to the K-dam? I hope they don't combine it with an internet lounge or cafe and call it a library.
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