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  1. I promised a review of my total Azamara experience. Here it is summarized to key points. *The pre cruise experience was not good. Many calls and posts to this forum to receive basic documents and promised credits. *Despite booking transfers to the ship directly with Azamara we were forgotten at our hotel in Venice and once again this forum and Bonnie came to the rescue. We got it sorted just hours before sail which created a great deal if stress while in Venice. We received no compensation for this despite contacting guest relations immediately once on the ship. *Did the cruise experience outweigh these troubles? Honestly, no it did not. Despite boarding the ship with an open mind and determined to enjoy ourselves, we came away disappointed with the overall experience. * The crew are amazing. So genuine in their desire to ensure you have a great cruise. Top shelf experience! *However, the food was, in our experience, only average. We experienced much better on a recent river cruise with AMA waterways. *The included wines are a challenge. One good wine in 19 days. In our opinion. *The ship was at times not that clean. Spilt food at the buffets, stained chair pads, peeling door in bathroom, hair on pool deck, etc. *Anf finally the lack of response (much like pre cruise) to concerns regarding shore excursions and transfers, etc. by guest services. All in all, in our experience, it was not value for money and quite stressful. We know many people love Azamara but we will not be cruising with them again. A.
  2. Just an update ... after much effort Azamara has contacted us at the hotel and us in the process of resolving. Thanks Bonnie for your help. A.
  3. Hi Bonnie, I have a transfer invoice/confirmation document but it has no details regarding where to meet and how the transfer will occur. I am in Venice so not hour typical bus transfer. I will call the emergency numbers agsin this morning. No one answered yesterday! I am used to a company representative or some contact on site to provide these details and facilitate our transfer etc. especially given the premium price paid for the hotel and transfer via Azamara. The hotel says normally there is some contact to confirm the transfer is booked. A fax from Azamara. Nothing has been received and I have had no company response, other than yours! This is not ok! It is now 730am in Venice. I don't know what to do. I guess I will have to arrange and pay myself for our transfer and deal, yet again, with Azamara. Just like I did to get a paid invoice, OBC credit, proper documents (including the one for the transfer) etc. Never again will I book with this line. Abhorrent service. Review of this and actual cruise will be posted on appropriate social media travel sites. Stay tuned. A.
  4. Great advice. Doing so now! Thanks so much. A.
  5. Bonnie... can you please call me providing the contact email and phone number for the Canadian lead responsible customer relations in Canada. Only this level of approach is acceptable at this point! Any pre discussion with this individual on your behalf is anticipated and appreciated so an informed discussion can occur. Time is of the essence as our pre booked, pre paid Azamara $ 225 dollar one way hotel to pier transfer is still not confirmed less than 12 hours due to providing this sevice. (See previous two day blog posts of trying to get this resolved with no resolution. With thanks and respect. A.
  6. BTW ... as suggested ( with thanks) we have asked the hotel if other Azamara cruisers where at our hotel but due to privacy this was not shared. No obvious connections unless we stalk the lobby! LOL! We will get to our ship ... but so stressed .... this is just not acceptable. Thank goodness we have no further bookings on this line. I have never experienced such shameful service. A.
  7. Thanks so much to all of you. It is truly appreciated. Your support while away from home and dealing with this defys our thanks! This is so stressful but mirrors our experience with Azamara pre departure at home! So sad it continues. We will persevere. But honestly... I have spent 30 plus hours of my own time getting a final paid invoice, OBC sorted out and credited, final accurate cruise documents including documents for the now in jeopardy cruise transfer ...etc., etc., etc,. The amount of my time chasing Azamara is ridiculous for things a basic cruise line competently provides Really ...is this an upscale pre cruise service? No it is not. AMA waterways shames Azamara in this regard based on our March 2019 this year. I fully expect I will be paying on my own to get to the pier tomorrow. No response from anyone in Azamara despite calling the emergency numbers listed on the Azamara issued invoice, asking for Bonnie's help on this forum and asking the hotel ( not their issue). So disappointed and scared. A.
  8. Thanks all. To clarify ... I booked the hotel and transfer directly with Azamara. Prepaid both when I booked the cruise. (Just added an additional day on my own). I have just returned to the hotel after a day in Venice and still no contact from Azamara. I checked with the hotel and they said normally Azamara faxes documents to the hotel to authorize the transfer. No fax has been received. Bonnie ....are you there to help! I have called the emergency numbers provided on the transfer invoice Azamara issued to us but no answer on both Italy based numbers. Oh my gosh ...this is yet another issue with our experience with Azamara on booking this cruise. One if so many! Am I to pay personally to get to the ship? I already prepaid Azamara $225 for a private transfer! Help! A.
  9. Hello, We are currently in Venice and are joining Pursuit tomorrow. We booked our hotel and transfer directly with Azamara. We came in a day early ( booked our own hotel for a cnight) so did not expect any greeting at the airport. However, we are now well into our Azamara booked pre cruise experience and have not had any contact by a company representative either in person by email or message at hotel? Wondering if this is the norm? We travelled this year with AMA waterways and the experience was much different. A in person AMA rep resentative toured us through Prague with a personal orientation to the city and was available to assist with anything as required. I am concerned we have no information on our transfer tomorrow. I do have the voucher after several calls pre cruise to Azamara to recieve it ( It was not originally included in our cruise documents). I can find my own way as needed but was expecting more support in Venice from the company. Any insight or previous experiences would be helpful. Adrift in Venice. A.
  10. I was reflecting on the total Azamara experience to date not just the fitness episode. Appreciate your comments however my comments stand as written. A.
  11. I am so trying to be kind. I have had such troubles just getting on the boat (dealing with Azamara corporate) that the lack of suitable exercise equipment for our June10th 2019 B2B cruise is just truly an insult. What the heck will be in the gym that is worth using? This could be the best cruise experience in the world but I will not ge booking ever again with Azamara. Honestly...I cruised with AMA river cruises in March and their wellness program was amazing Azamara you should be ashamed! At this point, I would be asking for financial compensation, but given recent dealings on a multitude of issues, I know that is not even in the realm of possibility. Hubby and I are booking for 2020, deposit made, but it is not with Azamara! Such poor customer sevice! Not a whine! A personal encounter reflected! So frustrated. A.
  12. Just saw the post re the spin bikes. Those are less than satisfactory as well? Getting very nervous about our upcoming B2B cruise. Hope the experience as a whole isn't lacking. I love my gym time and especially want to enjoy it on my vacation. Yikes. A.
  13. Are you kidding me .... replace the rowing machine right away! How can you claim to be a premium line and let broken substandard devices or equipment of any kind linger? My hubby and I use the rower at least 3 to 4 times per week. Come on Azamara... A.
  14. Thank you (once again!) Bonnie. Just received updated cruise documents with vouchers for the hotel and transfers! Ready to go. Here's hoping all the wrinkles are worked out and the cruise meets expectations. I will post our experience on return. A.
  15. Hi Bonnie, Booking Reference is 3171320. I have not heard anything back after my call today. With thanks. A.
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