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  1. I have only had exceptional Butler service. If Silversea decided to make any change regarding this service, I would no longer travel on board their vessels. I am not a demanding person and found I only had to ask once and my requests would be fulfilled. My Cabin Attendants have also been excellent, accommodating my timing when necessary and doing a fine job. At the conclusion of my cruises, the memory that carries with me the longest, is that of the people who cared for my wishes during the voyage. Not the destination, the activities, the performances, the food, the wine, the Officers...........it's the people working the hardest and the longest hours that I value. From Waiters/Waitresses, Front Desk and Shore Excursion personal, Bar Staff. It's these front line people who make an impact and impression of the brand. Treating people with respect and kindness will eliminate a lot of the communication issues.
  2. Most ships have to tender and therefore visits to the island quite frequently get canceled due to sea conditions. Explorer is probably small enough to dock at the island. I can't imagine why they would use Easter Island for embarkation if they couldn't guarantee picking up passengers. Expedition cruising is out of the realm of many travel agencies. I suggest you call Silversea and ask them for specifics. They are very helpful.
  3. One more thing Paula. Can you find out if they do a special wine luncheon? We attended one while on Mariner. It was worth every cent they charged and the food pairing was spot on. It was the highlight of our first cruise with Regent. Would love to have the opportunity to do it on Explorer.
  4. Hi Paula, Was wondering what line you went on and just happened to browse and find you here. Can't wait to get a lengthy email once you return. Our March cruise will be here before we know it. Sounds as if Explorer is doing a lot of things right. We had dinner with another friend last week and discovered that she too is on board during our cruise. It will be her second cruise on Explorer and she raved about it. Christie
  5. Victoria, I really value your opinion. We were suppose to do Muse for the holidays but due to a disappointing cruise on Spirit, we changed our minds. I think the brand should retain quality across the board and therefore, a passenger is not surprised. Love the crew (Butlers, Cabin Attendants, CD) but, it's a lot of $$$ to spend to be with them. I want my ship to be in tip top shape and if there are any negatives, to have them responded to in a fashion that's not placating my wishes but sincere and actions are taken. The changes to entertainment were negative in my eyes. Bring back the Duo's and I might book a cruise
  6. Both 75 and 27 are closed due to flooding. We drove 75 north and then went over to 41 when that stopped while evacuating. Even if we get power back, we have no water or sewer. Extended our hotel stays into next week but moving down to Sarasota. Power is sporadic where it has been back up and running. The water system was completely destroyed. Things are going to be rough for awhile in Naples. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Hi Victoria. Terry and I evacuated. We are a quarter mile from the bay of Naples and if the storm surge happened, we would have been under water. Today is day 8 away. Due to hotel room shortages, we've bounced around, always moving further west. Staying in Pensacola since Sunday. We have only landscape damage and consider ourselves very lucky. The power is being restored in grids. Florida Power and Light gives us a date of 9/22. There is no gasoline to be found and grocery stores are opened but there are shortages Expect to start heading south tomorrow and booked in at Tampa for a night to break up the slow go. We also own at condo ( for another 8 days [emoji23]) that was not damaged and has power. The State of Florida is so prepared for this type of event. The resources of communications for those of us who left is stellar. In fact we learned last night that there is concern the interstate 75 will be shut down, due to a swollen river that is threatening to flood it. The detour would add 2-3 hours on to anyone's southbound trip. Fortunately for us coming in from the west, we had planned to take this alternate route. Looking forward to normalcy again. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. http://crew-center.com/silversea-build-310-million-cruise-ship-silver-moon
  9. Very funny! Can't wait to see the rest of the story. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. Paula, Brugge is a fabulous place to spend time. Do you think that due to recent tragic events in Belgium and other locations, guests are less inclined to spend time off the ship in town at night? I was never a fan of the strings quartet that played in the Cove. Considering the space, the amount of noise, the lack of direct attention, it is more suited for a piano player. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. I've been told that with the exception of the WC segments, .Norman is retired. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Seems like ages ago! I HIGHLY recommend spending a couple of days in Seward. The Marine tours from there are spectacular
  13. OMG! I wish I would have seen this. You have to know "Bob". That sounds exactly like something he would say just out of curiosity, not out of rudeness. Must have been pesto huh?
  14. That's the funniest line I've read on Cruise Critic in years! Thanks :)
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