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  1. Just being slightly nit picky, you do go out the Labadee gate for the short trip to the top of the zipline. That's in another guarded compound. In terms of getting a feel for what's outside the gate you could do that in other ports like Falmouth. Personally I'm just as happy to get a glimpse from the bus.
  2. My sense is that painting these ships is an ongoing process. Every cruise I've ever been on something was getting painted, and that includes the exterior. You can't just paint it and forget it.
  3. I think it's a great idea. The No Sail order should have lifted a month ago. Let people make their own decisions. Assume there will be sharply reduced capacity and traffic for a couple of months at least as many (me included) decide to hold off for a while. Personally I'm hoping to get in a November 2021 cruise. From science point of view we know there are large demographics that are at little or no risk from the virus and with a few precautions will do just fine. Why shut things down to protect maybe 20% of the population, many of whom are likely to be taking measures to keep themselves safe. It's better to start things up and help maintain the cruise infrastructure until things really get back to normal.
  4. Chris Wong talked about vlogging in a now-deleted video. I believe he implied that he did not have company sign-off to do them. He did specifically say that the company did not tell him to not do them and that he was not in trouble with the company. The have been a couple of times when he's said there are things he can't say because they're proprietary.
  5. I agree. The head of the CDC definitely needs to go away. Cruising is not going to return to normal any soon, but letting them partially restart lessens pain and brings in some cash (or draw down liability). Thankfully the CDC got told where to go. In general the government (at least in Florida) has been a month late with all the reopenings. And, some things never should have been closed at all. The no sail order should have been discontinued at least a month ago.
  6. I don't think Oasis class balconies have the structure or the width to support a hammock. They've got the hinged glass partitions to make cleaning easier. I guess I see that some cabins do have a post there, but I'm not sure about the other side and I would suggest not trying to rig something. As to the door, they open from either side and don't believe they can be locked.
  7. So they have. Thank You. They're not nearly as far along as I would have thought. It kind of looks like FB will only let you see a certain amount of the thread without logging. I may finally have to break down and get an account. Luckily the pictures I was hoping to see are at the top.
  8. I think Florida's actually been a little slow to reopen with all it's phases. The assumption is that reopening means an immediate return to normal, but that simply won't happen because most people will take personal responsibility to protect themselves (I know, some won't). It was maddening to see stores that usually only had a few people in them even before the virus forced to close, while essential businesses like grocery stores (which rightfully stayed open) were as busy or busier. I personally cut my grocery runs from 5 times a week to once every week or two and still the places where busy (I'm back to twice a week). Now they've reopened the theater near me. Is busy? Not even close. They should have let it reopen months ago.
  9. Thank You MiraFlores for all your postings. Normally I'd be getting excited about an upcoming fall cruise, but unfortunately not this year. Hopefully in 2021. It is very nice to hear from at least a few of the people on the ships now. I know something I can ask you. What ever happened to all the webcams on RCL ships? They used to be great to tune into from time to time, and would be especially welcome now. Maybe you guys could set one up on the Promenade or the pool deck. Also, speaking to the subject of this thread, there's a crew member on Symphony who's posting frequent videos on his channel "Exploring Empty Ships". They're cool to watch. And, Captain Johnny has been posting the occasional video, from Harmony.
  10. Has anyone seen any recent updates from the scrap yard? Given the last pictures it would seem that Sovereign is probably down to the waterline and Monarch is probably close.
  11. Unfortunately it's probably going to be late next year before we even consider going on a cruise. And, assume it will be after a vaccine has been out and in use for a while. Right now, my wife is actually not allowed back into the office for two weeks if she goes on a cruise. And, if they can't find WFH work for her, it's PTO or time off without pay.
  12. PBG is fine. It's sunny and breezy with passing drizzle. Nobody seems all that worried about the storm. I saw one or two people buying water at Publix this morning. Me, I needed pancake mix. With some of the really bad storms we've had to deal with recently (that ended up missing us) a Cat 1 seems like much to do about nothing. Buildings and infrastructure should make it through just fine, even if we end up taking a direct hit. But, it'll probably stay a ways off the coast.
  13. Now that Alfie Smith and Reilly Tench are home I haven't seen any news or videos from folks actually onboard the ships. Does anyone know of any crew members currently reporting from any cruise ships, particularly in the Caribbean? I know it would probably be a whole lot of nothing, but it would be kind of nice to know what's actually going on.
  14. I saw on vesselfinder that all the ships anchored in the Bahamas were heading South West into the Gulf. Now they mostly seem to be lingering off the coast of Cuba near Havana. Even the NCL ships that have been docked in Miami forever left. Unfortunately they seem to have turned off their IDs, so you can't see the particular ships.
  15. I was on a navy helicopter carrier in the tail end of a tropical storm when I was a navy boy scout in high school. They had us berthed up near the bow, and that was quite an experience. We did a day and a half of being able to jump up a 10 foot ladder only touching one or two steps. You could almost float in the air. You had to worry about banging your head on the top of a frame as you walked down passageways but that was about it. Most of the kids in my unit spent the entire time sick in their bunks, but I had the time of my life. I have to imagine that actual navy veterans have way more intense stories.
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