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  1. Me, my wife and our two kiddos are booked on the Getaway April 12-19 out of New Orleans. On disembarkation day the itinerary says we dock at 7am and that disembarkation usually begins around 2 hours after. However, on past cruises we seem to remember disembarking earlier than 2 hours after docking. We need to schedule a flight that leaves at 10:55 am as that’s the only one that will work for us. The airport is 20 minutes away so we know we will be cutting it close. The question for you guys who have been on Getaway out of New Orleans recently is (i) when did they start letting your off the ship after docking, (ii) was that earlier than 2 hours after docking, (iii) how quick was getting through customs, and (iv) how bad has the security line been at Armstrong airport? We are gold latitudes, will be making sure guest services know we need to get off the ship asap and will be carrying our own luggage. I think we can make the 1055 flight if all goes according to plan. What do you guys think? Any other tips? Thanks!
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