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  1. I think supply and demand will become an issue at least in the beginning if this is made a requirement for cruising. If a vaccine is approved and produced that does not mean it will be available for everyone right away. So what happens if you try to get the vaccine but are not able to or cannot afford to? Just because you can afford a cruise does not mean you could afford a $4K vaccine (hypothetical). This means no cruise for you and lost revenue for the cruise line. I think requiring it could also set a precedent for other medical requirements that could open Pandora's box, not only in cruising but other social gatherings as well. Will this snowball into having to carry a card to show any restaurant, store, entertainment venue, airline, hotel, etc...that you have been vaccinated?
  2. Booked Majesty out of New Orleans for Jan 2021. The price was good, booked refundable, and did not use FCC. Will reevaluate before final payment. Give me something to look forward to and research fun things to do in New Orleans before the cruise.
  3. I just picked a random free bar code scanner app from my app store on my phone. Used it once then deleted it.
  4. That's what happened to me. I saw my deck number and muster station about a month before my room was assigned. You can also try to use an bar code scanner app on your phone to scan your set sail pass and it might give you, your room number. I read it on a message board and tried it, and it was correct for me.
  5. We did the tour after and if I had to do it over, I would do the land first. I personally was tired and had less patience by the time we were on land. tour. Did not explore as much on land tour as the beginning of vacation. The reason we did the land after the cruise, is I could use less vacation time.
  6. Booked an interior guarantee in April for Nov 23rd Thanksgiving cruise on Harmony. Have not been given a room number yet. Did notice on my eDocs that it says Deck 11. I don't understand why they would just give a deck number? If they have the deck you would think they know the room. Also there are no interior rooms left on my sailing, so I must be assigned somewhere. Also how does that work if you don't get your room number until you check in? Usually you drop your luggage off before you even check in. What are you supposed to put on your luggage tag to ensure they actually make it to your room?
  7. Cruising of the Harmony of the Seas over Thanksgiving! So excited as I have never traveled over the Holidays! I am trying to schedule our transportation to MCO as there are 3 times to be picked up 8:15, 9:00, & 9:45. I am curious how long it takes to get through the disembarking process? Our flight doesn't leave until 2:00, but I figured with it being over the holidays, the airport would be packed and we don't have an issue getting there early and having lunch before our flight. I have been debating between 8:15 and 9. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. We did Anytime dining for the first time on the Radiance and it worked almost like traditional, if you make reservations before and chose the same time every night. Anytime was on level 4 dining room only and when we showed up for our time the first night you give them your room number and they show you to your table. (Every other night, we had a dining card left in our room that we just used.) We had the same table and same wait staff every night. Service was excellent! I'm not sure if it changes by ship or if you have slightly different dining reservations, like 6:15 one night and 6:30 another night.
  9. Went to Schooners often for trivia, it's quite big with attentive servers. We listen to a pianist and violin players there a few time. One of our favorite spots as it also has many windows so great views while sailing. Depending on what you like for music, I thought the Colony Club, which is next to the Schooner and the Centreum, had the best music options.
  10. I second this! I just ate there a few weeks ago and it was great!
  11. Flew into YVR from US in June. You will deplane and flow the signs to customs/baggage claim. For customs they have Kiosks where you enter your info and it prints out. You then take that print off and your passports to an agent. Keep the print off out! You walk a few feet and baggage claim in right there. Pick up your luggage and then go to exit with your luggage and another agent will take your print off as you exit baggage claim. We were through everything within 30 minutes. Note our plane landed at about 10PM so your time/experience maybe different. Happy travels!
  12. We did a Jet boat through Mahays. It was like a pontoon and speedboat combined that held about 50 people. The guides were awesome and knew so much about the river, wild life, area, and history. They were also from Alaska, which I have found was hard to find in a guide. While the ride was very nice and the information was good, I was expecting something different with a jet boat, We live near the Mississippi and it reminded us of cruising on it. SO nothing bad, just had a different expectation.
  13. We walked through the trail that had the course. It looked really fun and saw some people on the course! There were lower courses and higher courses. If it had not been raining the day we were in port, I think it would be a fun option. I don't know anything about the age levels though.
  14. Alaska Trip Report: June 14th - 24th Ship: Radiance of the Seas Itinerary: Vancouver Inside Passage Ketchikan Icy Strait Point Juneau Skagway Hubbard Glacier (cruising) Land Tour 1A Through Royal Seward-Anchorage-Talkeetna-Denali
  15. It was great overall! I just posted a quick review last night. Hope it helps!
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