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  1. Was on the same cruise as Projunior. I saw quite a few people wearing white shirts, but much less wearing white pants. Like suggested if it was advertised pre cruise it probably would have been better. The party was awesome though. Face painting in glow in the dark paint, they had the celebrity show people out their dancing and doing different events, lots of music and dancing. Had it on a beautiful night too! Definitely looking forward to the next one.
  2. Hey Jled, Unfortunately back from our cruise. Our cruise actually cancelled punta cana as a port due to weather, and we instead went to Samana, which turned out to be a good thing. I did talk to one of the port excursion people on board before it was switched, and she was from Domincan Republic. She said you could buy tickets for scape park at the port in punta cana for cheaper then through celebrity. We ended getting an excursion in Samana for ziplining through celebrity as I didn't have time to research anything in that port. It was only $110/ea though and the ziplines were amazing.
  3. Thanks Jled, I actually looked on shore excursions group as well, but I'm pretty sure that zipline company was through Runners. I contacted them to see how far it is from the port and they said it was 1.5 hours each way. They do provide transportation but 3 hours is a bit too much for me. It is definitely a much better price though! If you want I will come back here and let you know if they still do just the ziplining at scape park for $89 once you arrive from tender. I will be back on the 27th.
  4. Does anyone know if you can still book a scape park excursion once you get to the port? I don't want to book through celebrity as it is $250/pp and I thought I read on here someone booked just the ziplines for 90 each once they arrived on port. I'm going to risk it as we leave this Saturday. Hopefully we can book something once we arrive.
  5. Hey RinAsami, ONe more quick question if you don't mind. Would someone that is unable to swim be able to do this excursion? Obviously would have to skip part of it, but do you know if we could still do the zip lining and underground lake or cave exploration? Thanks!
  6. So I'm not entirely sure who that excursion is through, but I have contacted Runners Zipline adventures (who I think it is through) and it is 1.5 hours from the tender location. They provide transportation. I think this is a bit too long for me so I am going to look at other options.
  7. Would also be interested to hear an answer to this question. We are doing the same cruise but leave January 19th
  8. I was just wondering the same thing! Does anyone know how much it is to rent snorkel gear there? For Celebrity it is $34/pp but includes lounger and snorkel gear.. I also like the idea of taxing so theres no rush though! And is there any entrance fees to saphire beach?
  9. Great thanks! Those will help a lot! Is it generally pretty safe to walk around at night here? Any areas to avoid that you know of?
  10. Oops, yeah I meant forts not ports! Okay thank you! Do you know where I'd be able to find a map showing exactly where to walk? Or is there a lot of signs? We've never been there and don't want to get lost lol
  11. Hello, Our cruise is in San Juan from 3:30-11pm. Is this enough time to walk to the ports before they close? Is there any map or anything available as a guide? Trying to refrain from spending the money on the ship excursion tours. Thanks!
  12. I agree this website has many issues. It somehow changed my captains club number and was showing 0 points. I had to contact them to fix that. I then went to book some shore excursions in "Cruise Planner" and it keeps sending me back to home page. This is apparently an issue with the website that they will pass along. My first and last time booking through their website
  13. Thanks for the great response! Looking forward to this port now!
  14. Hey blue_water, I was just looking at the Sapphire Snorkeling and Island Drive excursion through celebrity. Do you know if you need to have any experience snorkeling, or if you can bypass the snorkel part? I've never gone snorkeling before, and wouldn't mind trying, but my wife would rather stay on the beach. Do you snorkel right in front of the beach? I also notice it says take the skyline drive. Do you know if they provide the vehicle for this/how long this drive is? This is our first time being at this port. Thanks
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