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  1. Sorry to nitpick but The Jetstar plane in an Airbus A320-200. QANTAS Operates smaller jets there like the 717 and the Fokker 100 which are similarly sized to some virgin jets.
  2. Being up for sale means nothing. Ships are up for sale for years because the cruise line waits until they get the right price for them it is very likely a quarter or more of the Princess fleet is up for sale waiting for a buyer who will buy them which will take a couple of years.
  3. Sorry for bringing this topic up again. Does anyone know since when Pacific Adventure could get under the Sydney harbour bridge as she is scheduled to only dock at white bay for the season?
  4. You could've just used the port's schedule.
  5. How was it booked in Australia? IF OBC was in US it must've been booked in US.
  6. ???? What Cruise? Why don't you post this in your roll call?
  7. The rules are consistent. The application is not.
  8. No Princess Ships have Azipods. It was an engine problem.
  9. How is this the CD fault? Do they choose how loud everything is? I think not...
  10. The wait staff don't have the money to do that...
  11. One: It's a schedule which can change. Two: There haven't been any delays with Royal Princess getting it so why will there be in the future.
  12. You should've taken the $25. It was all your fault non on Princess's Part.
  13. Expected with Grand Going to Singapore and Star only being temporary stopgap for SF given that she is going to P&O in 2021.
  14. What does the Marine Safety Board of the UK have anything to do with this "incident"?
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