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  1. All three of you, that was linked back to a hotel worker who then spread it to others who worked there and they spread it to their families who had house parties who spread it further. So yes there was a failure but it could've happened anywhere. I would probably say the Ruby Princess was worse than this little mistake
  2. There haven't been any quarantine blunders that have led to out breaks. Victoria's came from accidental transmission and then transfer into the community. I'm not saying in Vic quarantine worked but it didn't cause any outbreaks .None of the hotel failures which have been reported have been linked to any outbreak. You must be a New South Welsh as you believe they've done well. Nah brisbane 41 is a little odd. But better than rod
  3. No it's not. not until it has ben eradicated or significantly supressed which it hasn't in NSW with their last unkown case 7 days ago and VIC to a lesser degree. Covid isn't over and never will be, especially with NSW's handling.
  4. Correct, that is how they are meant to be reported under the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System. Please do your own research before commenting.
  5. Well they're meant to be under the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System.
  6. QLD has the capacity for many more covid cases. What they don't have capacity for is Hotel Quarantine. That is because QLD has to waste rooms on NSW due to their inferior ability to suppress the virus, continuous transmission isn't suppression. Also you told me to do my research before Victoria has had 5 days on no community transmission just today NSW reported 3 cases. How about you look at the stats before throwing around accusations that I don't. Also QLD took many NSW with QLD and VIC taking all of the repatriation flights with NSW only taking commercial flights. NSW to VIC is different QLD to VIC. NSW has worst suppression than VIC yet borders closed vs QLD with better suppression vs VIC with worse suppression. You just seem a little salty because your Premier can't deal with her own city... I mean state.
  7. Infections are reported based on where the person lives...
  8. How is QLD being extreme when NSW is now getting more cases than VIC consistently, yet won't allow anyone across? So when QLD does it, it is wrong but when NSW does it, it is ok? NSW is the Outlier, failing to supress the virus while not allowing Victorians in. QLD is Just Like Tas, NT, SA, and WA
  9. Thanks for sharing the Video. Didn't this happen last year after the dockyard in the Bahamas was damaged after a crane fell on oasis of the seas. So they brought in this ship to act as the dry dock
  10. Only state in Australia where it is the case though.
  11. No under, the Public Health Act the CHO gets final say no politician.
  12. I've never understood how it's a political issue. The only person who makes the decision is the CHO who is a doctor not a politician.
  13. That was for non-emergency cases. Emergency cases where if they came in an Ambulance or Helicopter they would be allowed across the border no matter.
  14. And the people they are complaining about refusing treatment never asked. They just assumed they have to quarantine and went to sydney. If they asked a transfer could've occurred.
  15. Ah, very unfortunate but she was getting old. Most people who wanted a ship has already gotten theirs. Shame though, wish she could've been bought by the current owners of Pacific Dawn.
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