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  1. HI booked my flights separately from my cruise. Our cruise got Cancelled for April 5th. I see that airlines are offering credit for bookings and the flights need to be used 1 year from when you booked. I booked our flights in November for our upcoming cruise. I don't want to have to use the refund by then. Any one had any luck with getting their money back? We used Delta and Southwest.
  2. I spoke to celebrity today and they are offering 100 percent FCC for cruises booked from April- July. We are booked on the Edge in April . She said we needed to rebook within the year or we would loose it. I think that's appropriate. I would call back and speak to someone else.
  3. Not yet, we go in April. Hoping someone can send me a picture
  4. Anyone have any pictures of 6257? Said it has a 10% obstruction?
  5. Wilsonsmw thats the cabin we reserved too! lol.
  6. Hi Does anyone have any pictures of the obstructed view infinity balcony cabins on deck 6? We booked one that said it was only at 10 percent obstruction but I have not idea what we will be looking at . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dana
  7. Is the water more expensive if you don't pre order? Am I better off waiting to buy it on the ship?
  8. Can I use my onboard credit to purchase water before the cruise or do I have to use it " on board" Thanks
  9. HI We booked last minute on Escape and now are not able to make dining reservations. I am assuming I can book on board but what would be the best way to do this? Using the kiosks or is there a desk that does restaurant reservations? We are a party of 7 Thanks in Advance!
  10. Hi Whats the earliest time you can board the escape out of NYC?
  11. Was on the Summit last week, our drill was in in the casino. It was fast, no video and was very organized.
  12. Just off the Summit and stayed in a accessible veranda on deck 6. The room was beautiful. Plenty of storage for the three of us. The room was bright and airy and the bed was very comfortable. I think Celebrity did a great job with the refurb and I would take the new rooms over the old ones any day. We were on the summit two years ago and the rooms were dark and desperately needed a redo. The rest of the ship was also done beautifully. The lounge outside the main dining room is now much lighter and we actually went to it this time. On our past cruise we would walk right through it because it felt so dark and old fashioned. Dining room was done tastefully and the larger chairs make an impression . Our table did not have any of the new chairs but we were in the middle of the dining room and had a beautiful view of the back of the ship and especially on our last night when the full moon shined over the dining room. Could not of asked for a better vacation. Staff were amazing and we can't wait to cruise the summit again.
  13. I was just on the summit in room 6103 it was a veranda accessible cabin. Let me know if you have any questions. I have pictures of the room but did not take any of the bathroom.
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