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  1. Also a RiL fan. Used them in October for post-cruise transfer and highlights tour. Since we were staying on in Rome we booked Rome by Night and Hidden Rome. 5* all the way. Same driver each time - Franco - very nice guy, excellent driver and great sense of humour. And Jany is simply wonderful for answering your pre-cruise questions. Don't forget you can customize any tour.
  2. Project Gal, the views on noise were and continue to be mixed from a variety of people here. My inquiries were more of a sea day project and did nothing to "ruin" my first cruise. Thanks to these inquiries, and the help of the Concierge, the problem was addressed and my area on deck 7 is definitely quieter and hopefully my actions will be of use to others. I'm glad you slept well in your Penthouse but others are obviously more sensitive than you.
  3. The doors really exist and are working for the moment. Thanks to the persistence of Silhouette's excellent CC manager Vanessa, the chief electrical engineer turned on some magic switch and the doors, (at least the ones outside our cabin near the Hideaway,) are opening and closing as they were always intended to.
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    Jerusalem Tours

    Also, another vote for GTI. Plus, for a very few dollars more, we restricted our group size to eight to make private group and had a more intimate experience with the opportunity to customize the itinerary. Excellent ongoing communications with them, great guide, quality minibuses.
  5. Latest update. My Concierge initially denied the existence of the doors. Then ta-da, I walked her six-feet from her desk and we manually closed the "automatic" doors. She was amazed at this revelation and brought someone down from the bridge. After some initial lame excuses his reply was the doors have been disabled because too many people have had "serious accidents" bumping into the glass. If there's anyone out there on an S class ship reading this who has working glass doors, please me know.
  6. I really resent being lied to by Customer Relations (there are no sliding doors) or given sketchy answers (we'll close them if you find it noisy on your next cruise). Any suggestions about who to raise this with to get a substantial answer? I'm not trying to be unreasonable. If there's something like an electrical failure, so be it. I'm tired of being blown off, however.
  7. Hi Holly Yes, we did too on Grandeur. They were fire doors though and it did make a big difference to close them. But the S class has automatic glass doors like a grocery store - at least when someone throws the switch to allow them to work. Good news is I think we will be just outside the zone of noise. We'll be starboard so not the smoking side but I'll let you know what I hear. We're currently port but on deck 10 so too far away to detect any smokers. - Phil
  8. Update: I finally met a very pleasant customer service individual who admitted the legendary doors do exist! She had no idea why they are usually left open but said they are closed if there are enough complaints about noise. I am not shy about complaining if necessary. Watch this space after Oct 11 LOL.
  9. I've walked by your cabin and heard lots of noise in the hallway so I can believe you heard it inside as well. I'll repeat again...the sliding doors on Silhouette (which I believe exist based on my fingers) are NEVER closed. I'm sensitive to this because I had a reburbished cabin on Grandeur (former library I believe) with a wonderful oversized porthole window but it was exactly midship and the noise from the "bands" in the atrium was beyond annoying.
  10. I'm on your cruise Wiltonian...hope you're having a good time and glad to hear you're enjoying your location :) The odd thing about the doors (I checked decks 7 and 10) is that they are there. If I slip my fingers in, i can feel the glass. But for whatever reason, they have been disabled and don't open or close. Tomorrow's a sea day so I may ask about them again, just to try to solve the mystery!
  11. Thanks! I'm on the ship now as you know. I can actually see what I assume are the doors and tracks you describe but they are kept open day and night. Nothing slides open or shuts.
  12. We're currently on deck 10 and no sliding doors near the library or anywhere. In fact the library is wide open to elevator and lobby noise. I pity the poor souls trying to read there at night with the current band doing a bad but very loud Beatles tribute. But based on the comments here I expect little cabin noise when we change cabins. Great Med cruise and our first ever b2b. Life is good!
  13. No need for apologies Phil. It was a Caribbean cruise and was a very long time ago - lots of cruises under our belts since then :)We met at at the CC party and sat at adjacent tables in the MDR. - Phil
  14. Thanks Phil. No glass doors here but my sonophobia is under control. BTW, we sailed on the same Connie cruise 10 years ago...I never forget a name especially when it's the same as mine LOL. - Phil
  15. Thanks everyone. Reassuring to hear that noise won't be an issue. It is strange that some S-class ships have sliding glass doors but not Silhouette. When I asked at the front desk today they had never heard of them! I did see the heavy metal fire doors that can be closed in emergency situations.