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  1. BTW - My wife and I handed out more that $200 more in tips than the pre-paids. Even if they don't get to keep the direct tip, which I was told they did, they have more to split. My point of this thread was not to argue anymore about opinions on leaving gratuities, but to let folks know how I finally figured out where my refund gratuities went, and save someone some time not by re-inventing the wheel... M
  2. I will say this again. I never have tipped any of the workers in the kitchen or laundry service in the nice restraunts or the 5 star hotels we stay in. I give a generous tip to the waiter and the room attendant and if they pass some down that is fine. That is just the way I give gratuities. Subsidizing wages of workers not being paid enough by RCCL is not what a gratuity is about. M
  3. Everyone has a right to their opinion. My opinion is I like to put cash in the hands of folks that make my cruise great and they get to keep the tip!! M
  4. Well we asked to have the prepaid returned and gave the crew cash for their good service. It was in the linked closed thread I posted. Some folks thought that to get prepaid back was very difficult. Anyway I posted that if others had this issue folks might check with travel agent and it may come have thru their clearing house for RCCL. Ours was in limbo for over a month. By the replies to this I can tell folks don’t really care. Sorry to waste the bandwidth :-( M
  5. They closed my original thread on Gratuities. Just for the record RCCL does refund gratuities. I finally got a refund a month later after the cruise when I figured out how they refund the gratuities. Interesting point is if there is a travel agent involved they refund the gratuities to the travel agent via "RCCL Clearing House" so you have request the refund from the travel agent. This response was based on many folks saying in the previous thread they have never held of any success in getting the gratuities refunded... Thank you M
  6. That is BS. I well I know first hand that the driver just like taxis gets to keep 100% of cash tip. M
  7. I always tip Uber. But of course that is not the topic here...........
  8. Not to tip has never been the issue. The issue is how to tip to be 100% sure the crew that makes your cruise so delightful is being properly rewarded. Sharing it backwards is up the the recipient. And yes I decided how we will give gratuities on future RCCL cruises. Thank you M
  9. Not saying it is true or false, I really have no idea. Apparently that is the way RCCL wants it to be. Is that suspicious, not a clue. M
  10. If Gratuities were transparent, then I would have not even asked the question. Who is getting what seems to be all hearsay. M
  11. Sharing backward is fine. How much the house takes is the issue with prepaid/auto gratuities. M
  12. So you are saying that RCCL tells the waiter who gets a cash tip that they have to tip backwards and there is a formula? Hmm
  13. WHAT !! Gratuities on Port fees and taxes. Don't give them any ideas... M
  14. It is hard to tell who you are hurting when nobody knows for certain where the gratuities are going. Shrug
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