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  1. Please forgive me if this was previously posted! In speaking with CR rep I was told that husband & I would not receive offer emails IF we share email address. :confused: We use one email for all our travel related mail so, never considered that to be a problem. Oh well, thanks to CR rep, we will just have to separate:'):'):D
  2. Thanks! I'm surprised! I thought usually on sea day. We have early dining so, it cuts into Nassau day. :(
  3. Western itinerary..... Fort Lauderdale, Florida • Nassau, Bahamas(7-5) •Cruising • Cozumel, Mexico(8-6) • Roatan, Honduras(8-5) •Costa Maya, Mexico(7-5) • Cruising • Fort Lauderdale,Florida Thank you!
  4. racenut

    Verizon - can you call n text ?

    Same for my family.
  5. Dolls, we normally sail in May also! Thanks to everyone for the great advice!
  6. racenut

    Key West Welcome's 1st Cruise since Irma!

    That's great! We cruise mid-november with a stop in Key West. This is my 11th cruise and finally seeing KW! Hope you have a great cruise and enjoy Key West. Let us know how the recovery in coming!
  7. This was much quicker than I expected.
  8. Hi all! This will be my 11th cruise but my first non-spring/summer cruise! We will travel to Key West, Honduras and Mexico. I'm accustomed to packing summer dresses and shorts. Any wardrobe advice? Many thanks!!
  9. racenut

    Custom Google Map of Forum Suggestions

    THANK YOU! This map is VERY helpful!!
  10. racenut

    5:50am Flight - Which hotel?

    Thanks TJMK! I like the look of Hilton Marina.
  11. This is our 1st cruise out of Port Everglades. We have a very early flight the day after disembarkation. Can you recommend a hotel with reliable shuttle service? We will not have rental car. Many thanks!
  12. racenut

    Packing Men's Suit

    This is a great video! Thanks for link!
  13. racenut

    Packing Men's Suit

    Many, many thanks!!
  14. Please forgive me if this has been discussed. I am looking for the best way to pack 2 dress shirts and 1 suit. I've researched the packing envelopes...do they work for this? Any help is much appreciated!