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  1. It looks like for Oasis Class ships, MDR is open for those folks who bought The Key. Probably many people are coming to Chops at the same time so the MDR is being used for The Key lunch (possible that people who have UDP can go to Chops for lunch).
  2. On the same August 3 sailing - Not a big deal but is a little annoying. I don't like the 3 pm showing of Hairspray as well but I feel there will be plenty nighttime activities happening on Night 6 so I will keep the 3pm show reservation.
  3. See link attached. Based on that date your ship will be the only one at Coco Cay. https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/coco-cay-port-392?tab=schedule&month=2019-08#schedule
  4. I am on this sailing that the original poster stated and I am not concerned at all about this being a Quince cruise. Most quince sailings occur on the larger ships during the summer. It will probably be a small percentage on what will likely be over 6,000 people on board. This sailing will have so much children besides these young ladies as most summer sailings do that I just can't put blame on the quince group making this a bad sailing. I will make the most of this cruise and enjoy myself with my family and friends just like the other groups will enjoy themselves like the quince group, all the family reunion groups onboard as well as the smaller families who can only sail with their group during the summer time.
  5. Any issues when using The Key for Embarkation Day. I plan to arrive early for my cruise on Symphony in early August but wanted to know if any issues arise when using The Key for priority boarding.
  6. Thank you for posting Jaime's menu for the Key.
  7. Yeah just additional choices on the menu for the Key folk.
  8. Here is a picture of the menu from vloggers who went on the Symphony Cruise the first week of February using The Key program for those who asked about Chops Grille menu.
  9. Lunch for the Key on Embarkation Day will only be in Chops or Jamie's. So there should be enough seats for either spots you choose as there is still a limited amount of Key guests per sailing. There is also the Solarium Bistro which is open for lunch that day.
  10. Here is a video of regular cruisers Sean and Stef from their youtube channel where they recently sailed on Symphony of the Seas using The Key. This is a vlog of their embarkation day on Symphony but they do show you some features based off The Key in the video. They also have a link in the description of the video which leads you to their blog where they fully discuss how The Key was used on their cruise. https://seanandstefirl.blog/2019/02/11/the-key-unlock-exclusive-benefits-on-royal-caribbean/
  11. I agree, Chops capacity for a seated lunch on an Oasis Class ship is 80 (Total Capacity 100 with staggered dinner) and Jamie's is 80 for seated lunch (70 for Giovannis). With guests outside The Key who planned on eating at Chops for lunch on embarkation day make the restaurant crowded so another option is suggested and if it goes over 100 for The Key it won't be much. I plan to arrive early for my sailing as I have The Key and wish to dine at Chops.
  12. I suggest going into the Royal Caribbean app and look at both lunch menus for the current Symphony sailing. I am sailing on Symphony in August with The Key and while Chop's has a limited menu for lunch I want to try their fillet mignon.
  13. If you are doing The Key on Symphony please comment on your return on the process especially embarkation day. Going this summer and I feel it will be a crazy day during embarkation.
  14. Based on another blog not currently offered on Majesty, Vision of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas.
  15. I believe they have selected seats in the theater that are only for suites, pinnacles and now the key. You still have to reserve based on which shows and times to which you are going (suites have concierge to set up times).
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