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  1. This is our plan next week. Friend are taking the excursion but we want to go on our own. We have two kids (10 and 12) and the cost is a bit less for us on our own and we don't want to leave at 1:00 pm. What time did you leave ship to get there by 9:15? We are only ship in port so I'm guessing that there will be taxi drivers hanging around in the afternoon to make some money to get guests back to ship. My plan is to ask taxi driver in AM to come back for us around 4:00. Will the restaurant/bar help "call" a cab if no one shows up. I doubt this will happen but just wondering how h
  2. After our snorkeling trip in the AM, we only have a couple of hours in the afternoon to go to a beach. We'll probably walk from cruise ship. Should we go to Flamingo or Plaza? Are both beaches free ? We can pay for a lounger but will probably only be there from 1:00 to 3:30. Have you walked to either from ship? I know about chachacha beach (3 minutes from ship) and that is definitely a possibility. We don't want to risk being late for ship - leaves at 5:00.
  3. Thank you! It sounds like I should switch to digital if I want to control what size the photos are. Can you store luggage bags under bed? Trying to decide what size luggage bags to bring.
  4. I am sure these questions have been asked but I cannot figure out how to search the boards. I bought photo package all prints. We leave in 14 days and I am thinking about switching to digital. The last time I cruised they didn't have unlimited photo package. We had to look for printed photos every day in a hallway on the ship and then we would purchase what we wanted and they had set prices. Cruise line decided the size of the photos (4x6, 8x10, etc). Now, do you view the photos electronically on the ship and decide what size you want? Or are they preprinted? Do they print as m
  5. We are traveling with another family and are not always with our kids. We want them to have charging privilege to make it easier for them to pay for misc items when they are with other adults. Ages 10 and 12. I know they won't spend money unwisely.
  6. Did you have any concern about taxi returning to pick you up? Can you call a taxi from nearby hotel?
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