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  1. Tourist1292

    Tamron 18-400 lens on a Sony a5000?

    It works great on Canon and Nikon. I have been waiting for a deal on that in the last couple months as I missed the last deal. The price also went up after the New Year.
  2. Tourist1292

    Online Check in problem

    Make sure you have entered each field. I asked my daughter to do the check-in as I was busy. She was so frustrated that it either stuck on the same page or lost all the input values. Finally we worked together line by line to get it done. It took us way over an hour for checking in 6 people in 2 cabins.
  3. Tourist1292

    They select vs I select stateroom

    Note that the price will drop when it is approaching the departure day. Having them assign a room to you is like booking very late.
  4. Tourist1292

    Seattle hotel choices

    It seems the hotel rooms in Seattle is going fast and getting more expensive with the cruise season approaching. The room type I booked for mid May seems to be all gone.
  5. Tourist1292

    Celebrity internet packages

    It seems the price may even be cheaper on the ship. The so called discount may just be a sales tactic.
  6. Tourist1292

    Celebrity internet packages

    It shows the same $337 for 2 devices on my 7 night cruise too but with just 10% discount. It seems they have raised the price to $32 per day.
  7. Tourist1292

    Celebrity internet packages

    If you need to have multiple simultaneous access to the internet, you should consider getting a travel router and pay for one device per room. If you have two cabins, get a 2 devices package and two travel routers. That would save you $200-300.
  8. Tourist1292

    Looking for Seattle hotel recommendations

    You probably want to take the light rail from the airport to the hotel. That would give you more options.
  9. Tourist1292

    Seattle hotel choices

    We are staying 1 night precruise at Residence Inn near downtown and 2 night after cruise in an AirBNB. In May, the hotel room sleeping 5 is around $250. The AirBNB including all fees is around $750 for two night. The latter is good for longer stay or with more than 2 people.
  10. Tourist1292

    Anybody else unable to get Celebrity emails?

    I am getting their daily spam too. I have to check each of them as I am an upcoming cruise.
  11. Tourist1292

    Fares Gone Crazy

    I just checked my cruise in May that I booked less than 2 months ago. Now the price went down another 10% from 3 weeks ago, however, I still do not see much new bookings. It seems it is too early in the season that prohibited most family with school age kids to go. Anyway, the air ticket and hotel prices also went up in the last few weeks. So we could not save much if have waited a few more weeks before booking.
  12. Tourist1292

    Whale watching early June, in Juneau? Jayleen Alaska

    We will be there in early/mid May and we have booked the whale watching excursion. I certainly hope to see some whales there.
  13. Tourist1292

    Skagway/Yukon tour - help me remember this detail?

    I saw a similar tour for a full day Yukon excursion that includes the BBQ chicken lunch. We decided to go with the half day trip without lunch instead.
  14. Tourist1292

    Fares Gone Crazy

    We booked our cruise with Costco when there was 2 free perks offer at Celebrity. They actually offered the no perk option for $500 less. We figured we don't need those perks and saved $500 per room.
  15. Tourist1292

    Fares Gone Crazy

    The price keeps changing over time. It dropped around 10% within a month for my upcoming cruise in May as it is not selling well. This may be related to the timing and availability.