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  1. Hi, all! Does anyone know if I am traveling with my two sons, can I purchase one soda card and then get sodas for all three of us on the one card, or is it like the alcoholic beverage cards where each person has to have their own? Thanks!
  2. Worried about that, too. JanetAlice. Just can't believe it!
  3. Such a horrible tragedy! Prayers for all involved. My heart is breaking for these families.
  4. I am not sure of the answer to this, but I have read that if you have booked and then go in to price shop it can cause problem with your original booking. You may want to double check that your original booking is still there by looking at your record locator number.
  5. We are renting a car in Skagway and driving north to Emerald Lake on our own. Very reasonable for our party of 5. You can print a mile by mile guide "Murray's Guide".
  6. Likely Island Wings. That one seems very popular on the boards.
  7. It is my understanding that Harv & Marv sold their tour. Their popular Captain Steve is now out on his own. I booked him for our August cruise through his website: https://www.alaskahumpbackadventures.com/
  8. When we booked our flights through FlightEase a couple of weeks ago, we saw that the flight prices were shown in red. When I called HAL they said that "sale" price reflected the $200 pp air credit.
  9. So excited to have found this thread! I feel right at home. New to CC and I can't figure out how to see your referenced spreadsheet. Thanks!
  10. Hi, Kazu! My parents, my 2 college aged sons, and I are sailing on August 10, 2019 sailing of the Nieuw Amsterdam for the Alaskan Inside Passage. First time HAL cruisers celebrating my 54th birthday and my parents' 55th wedding anniversary.
  11. Hi, all! Question about the Lido Cabanas. for Alaska. We're on Nieuw Amsterdam in August, party of 5. If we did 2 cabanas on GB day, could we just open the partition and have the space for in/out viewing for 5 people? 3 adults and 2 teens? Thanks!
  12. Hi, Christineispink- We're sailing in August to Alaska with the family. Wondering what you decided to do about the cabana? I'm going back and forth on it. We are a group of 5 people and we're considering a Family Cabana on Glacier Bay day.
  13. Thanks, Ruth! We ended up booking J1069 and J1073 (connecting rooms on Main deck, NA) for the 8/10/19 Inside Passage cruise. Can't wait!
  14. RuthC- So do you think J1053 and 1069 would be okay? We are traveling 8-17-19 to Alaska. 1053 on Main would be me, and my 23 and 21 year old boys. 1069 on Main would be my 73 year old early-to-bed parents? Thanks!
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