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  1. Update 4 (10:44pm): please pray for comfort and easy rest for Noah. He has been vomiting, they think from the trauma of being intubated and his body has been through quite an ordeal. Brothers went off to the hotel with family a few hours ago, and Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy stayed with Noah while Grant and I got a couple hours rest. Uncle Adam is here from New Hampshire, Sarah from Colorado, and Dave and Amy are from Michigan. I have been blown away by the love and support you all have shown. You have encouraged me minute by minute. Our God is a God of the details, and He is seeing to each one of our physical, mental and emotional needs. Please continue to pray for all of us for strength, stamina, and clearheadedness as we make decisions in the morning with the care team. Pray for the family to strengthen through this crisis and for the name of Jesus to be glorified. His name has carried me through this. He truly is our refuge in times of trouble. Noah is alive. Praise be to God. Update 3. Off the ventilator, back to sleep (naturally, not sedation). He is swollen, not super happy, but he spoke “it’s itchy!” being his first words. Tears of gratitude for my No-No. So incredibly grateful he is still himself. Update 2: awake and removing the ventilator update: reunited at the hospital. They are running tests while he is sedated. Hope to start to wake him up and extubate him soon. Pray for peace for his body, and his mind as he wakes and has to come to terms with what has happened. That peace, truth and love will reign in his heart and mind. He is a fighter. And such a little extrovert. Keeps trying to open his eyes when he hears our voices. ❤️❤️❤️ This little mister, full of life and fun, could really use some prayers. He had a cardiac arrest last night on a cruise ship. The ship had to return to the Bahamas for him to be medivac’d to the states. Grant and Noah were at a hospital in Nassau overnight and just landed in Miami and are in route to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. He is currently stable, but intubated, on a ventilator, and sedated. Our God is good. CPR was started within seconds of him arresting, the cruise doctors were there quickly as well. I can’t speak highly enough of the Norwegian cruise line, their staff and the very kind 4,000 other passengers that had their trips home canceled. My heart will rest easier when he arrives and I can see him with my own eyes. Thank you for your prayers. Our God is mighty and faithful.
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