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  1. We have moved our cruise up to this Dec. We have decided to go ahead and go for it. As for the depth watch, I understand what you are saying with the wall and all. Thanks though
  2. Have you thought about those deck areas at the front of the ship that don't get used very often? Im sure y'all could squeeze something in there
  3. All personal opinions aside, I have seen people use the app through the cruise line lately. The walkie talkie idea is a little outdated due to the apps. The walkie talkies are inconsiderate to other people IMHO. I've also seen people use dry erase boards or sticky notes. Me personally, I use the ship app due to all the other features that come with it. Its no that I have to be on my phone all the time, but more of the use of it. I have the texting to the DW and also the daily fun stuff to happen. I know that other CL apps might be different but I'm sure they all have the texting while on the ship function.
  4. Not sure if this one was stated yet, download offline maps for the ports through google maps I'm going to be in. Just like to have the option of having the map of the area and not use my cell data. Its free and you can delete it after you get back
  5. Piggy backing off what @ABQrobin had said, you can research these excursion through the CL and also check around on the shipmate app. I set up a note shared w my DW so we can do our research and share each of our thoughts with each other.
  6. I do believe they are. Question though, why don't you book prior to sailing?
  7. I was on the Triumph a few months ago on the same cruise you're taking. Inside cabin and all. Embark day is pretty easy there at Port Canaveral. Princess Cay, we went on our own and walked down the beach. Princess Cay is a privately owned island. You will tender to the island(small little jump boat). I would advise just waiting til the lines calm down before you head to the island. When you get off its a little built up right there and some shops are there. We didn't head out of the gates that are on the far side of the carnival owned area. You will see what I'm talking about when you get there. Do wear some sort of water shoes or mandals. There are sharp rocks that can cut your feet by the water and stuff. As for Nassau, the hurricane hit the area hard. They are still rebuilding from it. Still is a beautiful place. We did a scuba dive there and they drove us to the other side of the island. The port there is a built up area by a commercial area. The cruise is a great cruise and a good way to get away from the day to day grind in Fayettenam. I'm sure you can tell I was in the 82nd lol.
  8. Also, I believe on the Chichen Itza tour we stopped by a ranch on the way back for a quick lunch. I'm not sure if this is still an option with the cruise line. The stop was superb and one of my greatest memories for all of the excursions I have been on over the years.
  9. If you are planning on leaving the city area, I would advise booking through the CL. We did ruins when I was there years ago. Great views and very relaxing trying to think of how life must have been back when these cities were populated. Its nice to look into the culture that has disappeared.
  10. A few years ago I went to the ruins at Chichen Itza. I was awe inspiring. If I remember correctly, it was the capital of the area. The views and photos you can take there are outstanding. Most of the other cruisers seemed to take the tours for the ruins closer to the port. So if you want less of a crowd, I'd say Chichen Itza. I don't remember the hike up to the top of the areas being overly difficult either. As for being worried about the time, no worries if you book through the cruise line as I'm sure you're aware. We booked the ruins when we were in progresso. Hopefully this helps a little bit.
  11. @flwinejunkie Thanks for the detailed review of this one. I have been thinking about doing this excursion while the fiancee and I are in that port. Also, sorry for hijacking your thread @Allytiel. I wish you and your husband have a great cruise.
  12. I see that most of this thread is about a year old. That being said, how is the crowd there now? Me and the ol battle axe are taking a honeymoon cruise on the Breeze and decided to get a spa balcony.
  13. I dive all the time at the coast in Florida and have dove a few times during my cruises. I've heard from other divers here in Florida that Gran Turk is an awesome place to dive. My question, is that is it worth it. I've been reading that the reefs are getting destroyed by divers there. Seems like the only reputable dive shop there only books through your cruise excursion options. Any input would be appreciated.
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