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    Just off the Harmony

    If you happen to be in a Central Park Balcony cabin you most likely have the perk of one free lunch at Jamie's. The burger I had a Jamie's this past May was one of the best burgers I've ever had -- land or sea.
  2. On my recent Harmony cruise I loved ** LOVED ** the adult Solarium area. Though there is no pool in the Solarium (unlike Oasis?) the upside is there were many available lounge chairs thanks to the extra space. I never had a problem, any time of day, even on sea days, finding prime lounge chairs. This was a great escape from the kids at the pools.
  3. I'm late to this thread but... on our flight a few weeks ago to FLL for a Harmony OTS cruise there were 2 dogs on our flight. Dog #1 One was an Emotional Support PitBull, as evidenced by its Official Yellow Emotional Support Vest. The owner (-- aka: "The Needer Of Emotional Support" --) gave the Emotional Support PitBull an Emotional Support Tranquilizer. This essentially rendered the dog Emotional Support CarryOn Luggage. (The dog was in an Emotional Support Daze for pretty much the whole flight.) So not really sure how much Emotional Support a comatose dog could provide, but... at least it didn't make an Emotional Support Mess or fuss. Or snore. Dog #2 was Small LapDog. Small LapDog proceeded to bite the ear of the passenger seated in front of her. The LapDog's owner said "Oh, LapDog was just being friendly! Nothing to worry about!" The ear's owner was not pleased. My opinion, the cute girl from your calculus class nibbling on your ear under the grandstands after school is being friendly. A strange dog seated in 14D biting your ear at 30,000 feet? Yeah, not so much. PS - The cruise was AWESOME!
  4. Sure $236 seems like a lot of money, but you'll miss seeing Coco Kay! But from **even higher!** (<< Sarcasm. Personally don't see the point in this.)
  5. KMagz

    Voom Internet Harmony

    There are two options: Surf (good for texting, email, maybe some web browsing) and Surf & Stream (good for streaming video, uploading photos videos to cloud drives, etc...) We had a One Device Surf & Stream and were able to stream Youtube videos and FaceTime. You can share the login credentials with any / all people in your party but only one device can log on at a time. We found that when a "new" device logged on, an existing device was knocked off. Also note: As of last week, iPhone users can text other iPhone users (even those not on the ship) without purchasing any internet packages. Put phone in Airplane mode, turn on Wifi and connect to the Royal WiFi network. This is a gap by RCCL's IT department that may be shutdown at any time I'd imagine. PS - Set you device to "Automatically Connect" to the Royal WiFi" network to avoid disconnects. PSS - You'll save money if you buy it before boarding the ship.
  6. sherezada: "Do you know if there are any live bands doing a "Karaoke night" or Open mic night on the ship? I was on the Allure a few years back and one of the bands had a night where passengers could come sing with them. It was wonderful! Hoping I can have the same experience again when I hop on the Harmony in August." The superb band, "Rock The Boat" had Karaoke ("Rock-aoke" as they called it) on Independence a few years back. Lots of fun. Most enjoyable band we've seen on all of our RC cruises.
  7. Love it. Question: did you use a steadying gimbal for some of the shots like the walking footage on Labadee? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. KMagz

    VOOM....... awful

    Had the same disconnect issue on Harmony. Until I checked off the WiFi option to “connect automatically” to the network. Worked flawlessly from then on out.
  9. Just to be clear, you’re asking about a tour for those sailing that week? Or are you asking about ship tours for visitors (ie: non-passengers?) On a recent Harmony sailing there were visitors touring the ship on boarding day. Announcement came late in the afternoon for them to leave the ship — around the time of the muster drill.
  10. KMagz

    Central Park Perks

    Should this be reflected in your reservation somewhere if you have a CP or BW balcony? I'm not 100% sure this is true for each and every BW or CP reservation. I once got $150 OBC from RCCL in a CP balcony and the other perks mentioned here were not included.
  11. For me, San Juan would be my favorite port on your itinerary. I'd look at walking to the forts and/or Old San Juan. Perhaps get a meal in Old San Juan. I do agree that it's nice staying on the ship sometimes in port to enjoy things with fewer people around - but I'd choose St. Maarten to camp out on the ship.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to post this. On board by 10:30! What time did you get to the terminal? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. But of course! (Just a a little fun with PhotoShop....)