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  1. Are they using pre-baked cones or are they just putting a scoop in your hand? 😁
  2. I see where Captain Lee and his Chief Stew Kate Chastain will be on the 6/14/2020 sailing of Equinox. I was not planning to do Equinox again on our next cruise, but we love that show!....maybe if she will teach the room stewards how to make her "special" towel arrangements (have to watch the show to get that!!!).
  3. I had read elsewhere of an increase. We had booked for 2 for $107 for June. My piece was $77 and DW's was $110 I think. We pad the difference between that price & $59 for each piece, so we saved a little. I did hear rumors of a price increase coming up. That does seem a bit drastic, but the only yhing you were getting for $59 was a paperweight or Christmas tree ornament.
  4. We received a nice note in our cabin for our anniversary, but we did not mention anything to the waiter or maitre'd at dinner. We were not expecting anything more. The note was enough.
  5. i could never find the Aquaspa Cafe open on Equinox in June. This was especially vexing on port days. We were looking for something light to snack on around 3:30-4:00 when we got back on ship before going down to shower and change for dinner...but never open. Never had a chance to try a smoothie.
  6. Witr the new RFID cards, I do not know if they can punch holes in them anymore. I was planning on using a lanyard in June, but ended up not using the one I brought (because I was not sure about the hole, and then because I did not feel it was necessary). All of the ones in the gift shop had the clear pocket to slip the card into. Also, as others had mentioned, there were very few folks with lanyards on the ship.
  7. The one you really need to make time for is the Marriage Games. It was 10:30 and rated PG16. Maarten the CD is what made the show so funny...but I hear is is off Equinox after this sailing.
  8. I have not heard of any additional work being done on the remaining cabins. We were in 7287 in June. Did not have new carpet, but i think the mattress was new, as were drapes. All cabins got the new RFID locks to go with the new sea-passes. We loved our cabin!
  9. I do not know the written policy, but my point was this was not me asking for 2 drinks, it was their wait staff asking me if I wanted a water when I ordered another drink...multiple times and at multiple locations...Would they be pushing something not on policy?
  10. Is that on Edge? On Equinox last month we got your every day ordinary plastic water bottles, but i believe they have since moved to a tetra pac water carton...something like you get coconut water in...
  11. How did I break the rules? He was given 2 cards with Classic Packages and he brought back 2 cokes and 2 waters.
  12. At breakfast on Equinox in June, at the OVC the waiters would take our drink orders and also ask if we were going ashore and needed a bottle of water. They would bring us both at the same time.
  13. I made reservations on my cruise planner for 6:30 every night. We did show up at 6:00 one time and got seated right way without issue. The only time we waited was when the hostess told us she could have a window table for us if we wanted to wait or she could seat us elsewhere immediately. We waited and went to Craft Social. By the time our drinks arrived the buzzer was going off.
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