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    The Refreshment Package

    Thanks so much for answering so quickly. I’ll be going on The Harmony with my daughter and granddaughter. The deciding factor to getting this package was lattes, iced coffee and fraps. Looks like we are going to buy the Refreshment Package 😃
  2. Bsmeme

    The Refreshment Package

    Since you’ve used this package before, hopefully you can answer a question about the premium coffees. What is considered premium. Is it just for regular brewed coffee or can you get lattes and iced coffee also. How about Frappuccino? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  3. I’m looking for info about the 5 star island tour - St Thomas. I’ll be on the Harmony this August 2019. Did you end up doing that tour? If so what was it like? Does anyone else have any feedback? Thanks