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  1. I have been lucky enough to do this. yes it is excellent. yes it is expensive. but yes it is worth it, espcially if you have never been on a safari in africa. it could be as close as you can get.
  2. Nz has a lot more mosi's than Oz, especially the south island. But yes sun cream is just as important! buy a spray as its easier to spray on over the top of suncream.
  3. Wow, that’s weird. Normally things are much cheaper to buy in USA than Australia. Must be the trump effect 🤣
  4. ....I can’t believe there has been this many replies as to where you can get a pie. That’s hilarious 🤣
  5. Shuttle is the way to go. Stops right outside central station. Have a great trip 👍
  6. Wellington and Auckland are easymplaces to arrive, wonder around and find things to do. In the smaller ports I recommend you pre book tours 👍
  7. Yes, make sure you are going through the actual tour operator themselves. They have their reputation at stake so will not sell you a tour they know will not meet your sail time. The agents don’t care and will sell you anything under the sun. When something goes wrong, they will just blame the tour operator!
  8. Sydney harbour bridge climb.....say no more 😉
  9. I saw nobody answered your question, so I thought I should! With those timings, you won’t see the penguins as they don’t come out until dusk. Do you need to be back on your ship by 9pm for disembarkation?
  10. Disadvantages and advantages of both. Going from the end is quieter at twelve apostles etc, but you are then on the left hand side of the road (so further away from the ocean vistas). Plus you have less chance to stop off at look out points as some will be too dangerous to get to, and often they are on blind corners, so crossing over is too difficult. I would just go the normal way......
  11. What about toronga zoo? Cruise ships often more at circular quay which is the same place the public ferry leaves from that goes to toronga zoo. This takes 30 minutes and 5 dollars to cruise across to. I just don’t get why you would want to sit in traffic to get to a reptile park when toronga zoo is soo close 😕
  12. I found New Zealand quite tricky with doing tours etc. It is heavy regulated. Very unlike Asia ports where it is every man to himself and you get surrounded by vendors selling tours. Just jump on a resource like trip advisor and book a guide ahead of time. It will save less of a headache on shore.
  13. Whichever upgrade option you choose, make sure you book it in advance as they sell out. In peak season even the standard viewing platform sells out. It’s a long way to get down to find out you can’t see the penguins!
  14. No, not enough time to see the great ocean road. You would have time to do a winery tour but to be honest Melbourne is so great, just get into the city and do a city tour there......
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