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  1. Thanks for sharing that story of his mother. This gives a more interesting view of the performers. I'm glad there is more interest in classical music. And yes, I ordered some alcohol which makes the whole experience very nice. Not too much because you don't want to fall a sleep during the performance.
  2. Yes, I meant the sputnik chandeliers that look just like the MET. Thank you for explaining that!
  3. Thank you very much for your positive feedback on classical music! I think a cruise is a very good environment to enjoy classical music. I love the MET replica's and the lights in the Lincoln Center. It makes the cruise more festive.
  4. That is one interesting experience. Our experience with Atlys was extremely good so I will not even consider going on a cruise without live classical music from now on. They all have a masters degree in music. That is a good quality measurement the Holland America line can take into account. Perhaps I won't like it as much in the future but this time it was a big hit.
  5. Wow! He plays at the MET! What a blessing!!!
  6. Yes, isn't that funny? It takes a long time to get good stuff into the program.
  7. I already did! These organizations are big and slow so we need to express our opinion to get their attention.
  8. During our 7 days it was only fully packed on the last 3 days. The first 4 days it was easy to get a seat even during the concert. Our last day you had to take a seat 20 minutes ahead of time. I'm very happy classical music is getting more attention. It is very important that we encourage young musicians to follow their dreams. I am interested in the Jazz too but my ears hurt with the extremely loud sounds. And by the way most Jazz performances had a big standing crowd as well. So if I have to stand to listen to classical music... so be it. It is worth it to me!
  9. We have just returned from the "Nieuw Statendam" cruise and we fully enjoyed the live classical music. The string quartet had a very rich warm sound. Sometimes they played an arranged popular song but we preferred the Brahms and JS Bach. There is nothing like live classical music. We where invited by the captain to have dinner but that invitation was at the same time as the Brahms recital so we did not have dinner with the captain. The Holland America line hired a well known quartet called Atlys. (http://atlysmusic.com/)
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