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  1. And in that event you would pay whatever the current rate is...not the rate of the person who originally booked the cruise...
  2. Never had a problem with holds on my CC ...I normally use Capital One...when I get off the ship all that show's on my online statement is pending charges...which usually post within a couple days...
  3. How cool...just goes to show you never know who you are going to run into...:)
  4. Beverages are the same on Enchantment...coffee, ice & hot tea, lemonade & sometimes the flavored water's are available as well... Gratuties are $12 pp per day...added to your seapass card...
  5. That's was my thought too.... OP...not to burst your bubble...but don't get to excited about any promises from CS rep's...."IF" they do leave something in the room it will probably be advertising for the Spa...:rolleyes:;):D
  6. Friends of mine booked Allure last summer on a Tues. special...it was about 3 weeks before sailing...they were able to book shows with no problems...
  7. Sorry you felt some posters were not helpful....but if you REALLY need a quick reply then you need to call the person you booked the cruise with...if you want help from the boards fine...but details ARE important for accurate replies...in the end...glad it all worked out for your Mom & her friend...Jewel is a lovely ship...I'm sure they will enjoy it!
  8. Actually you need to have at least Platinum status on RCL to receive any cross benefit on Celbrity..
  9. I've cruised with a person I met thru cruise critic...we met several times in person before cruising...and seemed to hit it off well...our first cruise together went fine...I did my thing...she did her's...but then as we began to take more cruises together I seemed to become more of the "helper" companion than cruise mate...can you please get me this...will you bring me that...all very innocent & subtle at first...after about the 3rd experience of this I decided enough was enough...I was paying my own way it isn't like they were paying for me to accompany them..so now I either travel with family...or my preferred choice ..ALONE!!:D
  10. I agree..put your luggage out the night before...and head to the MDR around 8 for breakfast...it might be a more restricted menu but they still have omletts, hot & cold cereal, french toast..etc...one last chance to relax & get waited on!:D The breakfast in the main dining room doesn't run as late on the last day either...I think it closes around 9?
  11. I'd guess as usual RCL is muddling the facts...only when booking onboard or during a wow sale do C&A members get the reduced deposit...either that or there are NEW C&A benefits that they never bothered to pass along to their members...:rolleyes:
  12. I don't see why not...just be sure to put your booking # in the comments section when you redeem the points...maybe wait a week or so between applying for the points?
  13. I've cruised solo a number of times on RCL and had a ball!! It's really easy to meet people on a cruise ship..and lot's of activities to take part in ..or not.. my last solo cruise I did the MTD on RCL and really enjoyed that...I choose to eat by myself..but the tables for 2 are so close together that you are able to chat with your neighbors..without the pressure of making small talk thru the whole meal...for me that was great!
  14. Mid May will be a great time to cruise Monarch...weather should be warm but not overly hot-humid...it's not spring break or school holiday so shouldn't be swarms of wild teens..a 4nt cruise tends to be a little calmer than the 3 nt...and sometimes it's even cheaper...have a great cruise!
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