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  1. Hello guys, I know discussions about drinks packages have been done to death on this forum, so apologies , but I guess Celebrity’s lack of transparency sometimes necessitates such questions! Could anybody please explain whether genuine champagne is included in the premium drinks package? By genuine champagne I mean that produced in the Champagne area of France, as opposed to cava, sparkling wine, vin mousseux, Sekt or Prosecco., or merely made by the méthode champenoise. I ask because in Europe it is illegal to term any drink as a champagne unless it comes from that specific area of France. However I have read on this forum that America seems somehow exempted by this law and that official description of a beverage as champagne may in fact be just a sparkling wine. Whilst there are some cavas and vin mousseux I like, eg Cordorniu and some Languedoc sparkling wines, I do like my champagne and I have to admit that I was surprised to see the word mentioned on the premium drinks package, given Celebrity’s vastly over-inflated drinks prices. Some people on the forum have mentioned ‘chandon’ - I presume by that they mean Möet et Chandon, which of course is a genuine champagne - if that were in the premium package that’d be great! Any advice as ever gratefully accepted . Our ship is Silhouette . Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all your replies especially to Traceyi and neroligirl for posting those very useful meal timetables. Good to know we can have breakfast up to 11am - night owls rule ! 😆
  3. Hello all we are first time cruisers booked in Aquaclass on the Silhouette 25/8 to the Norwegian fjords. All inclusive generally means anytime dining but we note that breakfast appears to be just 07.30-9 and lunch 12-1.30. We are night owls and prefer to eat at Southern European times ; ( rather like the Spanish) with breakfast around 10-11 and lunch around 3-4. As we are dining in Blu there should be no problem with evening meal times. I would like to know how flexible breakfast and lunch times are. I understand that the Ocean view buffet is open 24/7 but we do not want this as our sole eating option during the day. Any advice gratefully received, many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Guys, we will shortly be going on our first ever cruise on Silhouette to the Norweigan fjords (Aug 25) and we've booked Aquaclass. Whilst I know this gets us into Blu, there seems to be some confusion and differences of opinion over other services offered. Some people have commented that even stewards seem unaware of what should be supplied in Aquaclass rooms and they therefore take a list to remind them! With this in mind could I ask if the following are provided : bottle of sparkling wine on arrival in room (presumably on ice), free bottled water (how often is this replenished), pillow menu, canapes ( what time are these served, are they served in the room, are they worth having - most folk seem to say not!), a rain umbrella, and a daily Aquaclass "Elite Happy Hour" from 5-7pm. I'm not sure why a Happy Hour would be needed, given most people have drinks packages - in what bars is the Happy Hour available? Finally could I just ask what happens on embarkation day re. meals and drinks? We will be boarding around 10.30am but the ship doesn't sail until 4.30pm. Will we be able to have lunch in one of the restaurants onboard and does the premium drinks package start as soon we board? I presume that as soon as we board there is some sort of welcome/drinks reception? Thanks in advance for your help, from a humble first-time cruiser!
  5. Thanks all you seasoned cruisers for taking the time to deliver such prompt and informative replies - you really put my mind at rest! Just to clarify, I was paying 2 days before the due date and we did not use a travel agent. I did check the online balance and it was zero, and I've just had confirmation today from customer services. A shout out to benaltiger1 for providing those 0800 freephone numbers, I wasn't aware of them - and I do object to paying 7p a minute to phone a firm about queries caused by their own inefficiency, when you've spent a few thousand quid with them! After one pays the balance, their message should read "Thank you. A confirmation email will be sent within 24-48 hours" and NOT "Thank you. A confirmation email has been sent to you." It ain't rocket science! Glad to hear from some of you that their cruises are better than their website experience! I'm now going to post another question to you lovely people about Norweigan shore excursions . Many thanks again folks! x
  6. Hi all, we are first time cruisers and I've just paid the outstanding balance online of nearly £4000 for our cruise in August on Celebrity Silhouette. Payment went through fine and I had a message saying that a confirmation email had been sent to me. However, we are starting to panic as no confirmation has been received, and I've checked my junk box too. I phoned my bank who confirm the payment has gone through. It was only about an hour ago that I paid, but they said the email "had been sent" not that it was "to follow". Can anybody else advise how long it normally takes them to send a confirmation email? I think it's a disgrace that a large and supposedly reputable company like Celebrity are so keen to take your money, yet cannot be bothered to acknowledge receipt of such. £4000 is hardly an insignificant sum. I have emailed customer services but last time I emailed them they took over a month to respond to my query, so I won't hold my breath. I hope that this inefficiency and cavalier attitude is not a harbinger of things to come on our cruise! Any advice greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!
  7. Hi guys, we are booked as Aquaclass passengers on celebrity silhouette for August. This is our first cruise and I thought that by opting for "select dining" it meant we could please ourselves what time we ate in Blu. I now realise that the select dining option is only for the MDR. Whilst we may try the MDR once, we intend to have most if not all of our meals in Blu. I'm just wondering if I can change this online and if so how? The invoice I was sent in January details "select dining" so I somehow need to change this! Thanks in advance guys for your help.
  8. We have just booked our first celebrity cruise on Silhouette. I note that at meet and mingle parties, the ship supplies light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, with alcoholic drinks available to buy. What is the point of this when people have paid for full board anyway, and the vast majority will have a drinks package that includes alcoholic drinks? With this in mind, it seems to me that Celebrity are not actually providing anything at all at these meet and mingle parties! I do accept that people may wish to meet fellow cruisers who they've been chatting to online, but surely this could be arranged privately between parties? Perhaps I am missing something here?!
  9. Great and very helpful informative answers - thank you guys for taking the time to advise me. Our first ever cruise is now booked!
  10. Hello all cruisers, this is my first post. We have never been on a cruise before and are thinking of booking the Norweigan fjords on Celebrity Silhouette 25/8/19. I have a few questions and have emailed the cruise line but they have not replied to me. Could I please put these questions to all you lovely experienced cruisers - any replies would be gratefully appreciated! Many thanks in advance, guys. 1) I would like to upgrade from the classic drinks package which is provided free as part of a deal, to premium. However, my partner drinks very little alcohol so is it possible for just me to upgrade? How much would this be? 2) Given that the above deal includes all tips, does this mean we are not expected to provide any more tips? For instance, I presume that ordering a beer on a drinks package ( whether classic or premium) does not incur another 18% charge? 3) We would like to book Aquaclass. However, we prefer the bed to be next to the bathroom as opposed to the balcony. How can we tell which cabins are set out like this? 4) My partner is very sensitive to cigarette smoke. I understand certain exterior areas of the ship allow smoking. Can you tell me if there are any particular cabins on deck 11 that are more likely to have smoke wafting into the balcony area? If so we would avoid them. 5) With regard to dining at the Blu restaurant, we would prefer to sometimes sit with a group and other times be seated just the two of us. Is this possible if we let staff know when we arrive for the meal? We would like to do the same in the main dining room if possible too. 6) In your experience, are the waters likely to be rough in August for the Norweigan fjords voyage? 7) We intend to do some excursions independently. Do we just walk off the boat to do this or is there likely to be a queue and if so how could we avoid it eg maybe by departing earlier than the organised tours? 8) Could you tell me which ports require a shuttle to take us into the main town/city? I presume this is free for all passengers, regardless of whether they have booked an excursion? 9) Is cava, vin mousseux or prosecco included in the premium package? ( I am assumimg champagne isn't). 10) This will be our first cruise - do you find that cabins at the front feel more movement when the sea is choppy? Phew! I think that is all for now! Sorry for the long post and for asking questions that may seem obvious to more experienced cruisers! Many thanks again -I look forward to hearing from you. Happy cruising, Sandy x
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