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  1. Thank you for reading. We simply cracked the door a minuscule amount and the whistling ceased
  2. We showed our three-year old pictures of the small waterslides and then taught her to count backwards from 20 to get her excited. She figured out that when only 10 days were left we were almost ready for pink waterslides:)
  3. I wonder if any of the CD's are really the best or we are each nostalgic and biased for the first CD we found that made an impression.
  4. Turks, Turks, Turks. Ideally, do the early Conch, Ray's, Snorkel and then spend your last couple hours where you start/end tour right by the boat. St. Thomas is good as well, but the beach tours that don't specify Sapphire or Magen's take you to the beach at Water Island which is not nice at all.
  5. Hope Mudi is your steward SRQ. TJC, good luck. Camp Ocean was a blessing for mommy/daddy time. Our little one has been in daycare since a couple months old, so she adapted quickly.
  6. Haha. That steak was something else. We are officially booked in early April 2021 on the Mardi Gras. Maybe we will get lucky with Donkey again!
  7. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=654135
  8. As far as the steakhouse on the Breeze, my wife and I went in at 8 pm on a Tuesday and it was eerily quiet. No more than 10 people at any point. Apps and spinach/mushroom salad excellent. Entrees good to very good but still not comparable to land-based steakhouses. Cucina a bit busier. Food was great but there is a lot, and I mean a lot, of butter in every dish. I was useless for a couple hours after :)
  9. My wife and I just got back. We drank way more than anticipated and I only drank in the morning once and that was a bloody mary. Even on port days we would each end up with a fru-fru drink at around mid-afternoon and then a cocktail to take back to the room. We would grab a drink at the Breeze bar waiting for a table for dinner and then order a couple more with our meal. At this point, you've paid for Cheers for the day. Now we may end up at Alchemy, Red Frog, 88 Keys, Punchline, Ovation theater, etc. and they add up quickly. I'm going through system shock detoxing the last four days.
  10. Just got off Breeze. Had to force close the app once in order to get the menus to download, but worked great otherwise. Group chat perfect as well.
  11. Haha. Great topic that brings back memories of thicker hair and a smaller waistline. Mardi Gras Summer of 1993 just before heading to college. Back then you could drink at age 18 in International Waters. Still remember getting that first warm Red Stripe and the bartender telling me that they drink it that way on the islands. Ah, to be young and naive.
  12. March 30th as well. Wife and two girls ages 11 and 3. Roll call has been quiet.
  13. We have this for the March 30th sailing. Did you find it worthwhile and do you know the earliest boarding allowed? I know 12 is the earliest check-in option but our shuttle for Go Canaveral is 10 am and is only a few miles from port.
  14. Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. We were only allowed to purchase three and assumed it was a limit.
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