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  1. Not a lot of open deck space for the number of pax. It's going to be crowded.
  2. Maybe they are trying to compete with NCL - no charge for food in their sport's bar.
  3. I did a spreadsheet to see if the NA package would make sense for me. For just sodas, you would need to have 21 per day ($29/day * 2). with 15% soda $2.50 21 $60.38
  4. Cool. Maybe someday it will unlock cabin doors and make purchases.
  5. Yes, but every country has a photo on the passport. Every country is going to cooperate with providing that, too.
  6. Russians? Facebook? Seriously, though, who knows. We submit a passport photo. Maybe that. The database would be in place.
  7. If the price as relatively close I would go for the YC, but not for $1800. That's another cruise (or two).
  8. I hope you have used this agent before. You should have gotten the booking number immediately.
  9. Been there. Very interesting. Very isolated. A few pics from Tórshavn:
  10. I made a spreadsheet to see if I could get value out of the non-alcohol package ($580 for my 20 day cruise). These are per/day calculations. Drink Menu Price how many TL with 15% Esspresso $2.25 4 $10.35 capp / latte $3.00 2 $6.90 mineral wtr $4.75 0 $0.00 mocktail $4.25 2 $9.78 smoothie $4.25 0 $0.00 redbull $4.75 2 $10.93 soda $2.50 0 $0.00 $37.95
  11. It's working for me. Are you logging in with your account or booking number? Have you logged in before?
  12. Give your TA a call. Don't take "no" for an answer.
  13. The Oscars are still a thing?
  14. US bookings have water and coffee included in the MDR. You'll see this on your booking.
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